XMPie and Open XM: A New Approach When Bridging Print and Digital MediaRESSOURCES

XMPie and Open XM: A New Approach When Bridging Print and Digital Media

Cross Media communications (also referred to as multichannel or omnichannel communications) is all about engaging customers or prospects through individually relevant customer journeys that extend over time and multiple touch points. When done well — creatively compelling and individually relevant touch points — such communications deliver excellent business results. Moreover, there is evidence that journeys with a mix of Digital and Print touch points are more impactful than journeys that are purely digital.

A key implementation challenge in creating multichannel communications is to make sure that these time-elapsed customer journeys with their interactive experiences over multiple touch-points will appear as one conversation rather than a babel of dialects reflecting the many different media types and touch points. The other key challenge is to make sure that for each touch point, the interaction experience will not only be relevant but that for each touch point it will be as engaging as the state-of-the-art that the touch point’s media-type enables.

Creating individualized multichannel communications that will deliver both “one conversation” and “State-of-the-Art Experience for each media” is the key challenge that XMPie technology aims to address.

This Paper introduces Open XM™ – XMPie’s new approach for designing and developing the digital media touch points of such multichannel dialogues. It embraces the state-of-the-art capabilities and workflows that are used today in the digital media world, while ensuring cross-channel consistency and synergy across the Print and Digital touch points of the dialogue.

Jacob Aizikowitz

February 2016


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