Now Brewing: The ‘Awareness’ Stage of the Customer Lifecycle (Part II)RESSOURCES

Now Brewing: The ‘Awareness’ Stage of the Customer Lifecycle (Part II)


In Part I of our customer lifecycle blog series, we discussed how personalized multichannel communications play a crucial role in the customer lifecycle. To help paint a better picture of the different stages associated with the customer lifecycle, we’re going to walk you through some sample campaigns featuring key communications from a fictitious coffee machine company called Pressocup.

In our first campaign, we’re going to highlight the ‘Awareness’ stage of the customer lifecycle. This is one of the most critical stages as it’s the first chance marketers have to not only resonate your brand with customers, but to actually start the framework for building a strong brand-customer relationship over time.

Our Pressocup campaign kicks off with a corporate website that delivers personalized web pages and images on the fly so that each customer’s experience is tailored specifically to him or her. This tactic helps to draw customers in, increase brand awareness and drive further interest around products.

Once the customer fills out a brief form, they can instantly download a PDF brochure of the coffee machine they’re interested in. The brochure is personalized to that individual based on the product that they’re interested in and the personal details that they provided on the form.Personalized_Pressocup_BrochureOnce the customer returns to the Pressocup homepage, they will be welcomed with a personalized web page that is tailored specifically to them and their coffee interests.

Each personalized website includes:

  • A customized large banner image – The welcome banner on each page is a personalized cup of coffee with the customer’s namePersonalized_Web_Image
  • A personalized welcome message – Each customer is welcomed to the website with a personalized message addressing them by name.


  • The address and map of the closest shop – Based on the customer’s location, the closest coffee shop is mapped out for their convenience.


  • A ‘Get in Touch’ form: Should a customer have any questions, the contact form is pre-populated with all their information so they can quickly and easily get in touch with the Pressocup team.

The ability to generate a personalized web page almost instantly offers a customer experience that is unlike any other. Each customer has access to exactly what they’re looking for without having to search endlessly, making it their very own simple and personal shopping experience. All of this is made possible using XMPie’s PersonalEffect platform and uImage.

Integral to this platform is XMPie’s new Open XM technology.  This gives web developers and marketers the freedom to fully leverage state-of-the-art Web, email, and mobile media technologies while still ensuring that all personalized touch-points in the communications stream – Print and Digital – are synchronized perfectly.

In Part III of our blog series, we cover the ‘Evaluation’ stage of the customer lifecycle: how to implement a drip lead nurturing campaign. Read on!