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Put the Pedal to the Metal with Your Email Marketing


The number of channels marketers can use to reach consumers today is greater than ever before. Out of all those channels, email marketing remains one of the most prominent. In fact, according to the Radicati Group, by 2021, it’s projected that 319.6 billion emails will be sent and received daily worldwide – that includes business and consumer emails.

That’s a lot of emails. And a big opportunity for marketers.

To make sure you’re striking the right chord with your customers, it’s critical to have the right tools and technology in place.  An email service, clean data, personalization and segmentation capabilities, automation and analytics are all essential elements for a successful email marketing campaign.

We launched our new email marketing service in 2017 and just released version 3.3. Let’s break down how our email services compare to the competition.


A Tale of Two Email Marketing Wheels



Let’s say we have two wheels. Each represents a current email marketing service in the market today. The first wheel allows you to send one million emails over time at $5,000 or to pre-purchase the package for $1,250. The second wheel has one option that allows you to send the same one million emails at a cost of $4,500.

Which wheel sounds more attractive? To properly consider the options we need to put those wheels on actual vehicles and break down their features to get a detailed look at what’s under each hood.

We’re going to attach the first wheel to a taxi and the second wheel to a haulage truck. The taxi wheel represents other global email service providers and the haulage truck wheel represents XMPie’s email service.


The Taxi Wheel



  • It’s easy to use and offers good template options in which you can easily insert text and images into your email campaign.
  • It handles your IP for reputation management across shared IPs and incorporates authentication protocols, such as DKIM or SPF.
  • It offers more advanced capabilities like automation and A/B testing to build out simple campaigns.
  • Campaign reports give you a sense of how your campaign is performing.
  • When building a campaign, functions, and features will vary and the price will be dependent upon whether you pay as you go or pay upfront.


The Haulage Truck



Now, on to the truck. This ride represents XMPie Email Service and offers many of the same services above, along with much more.

  • You can build and manage templates with complete design freedom with unique components like tables, styles, images, text and text files.
  • It takes care of IP reputation management and authentication protocols to make sure your campaigns are being seen by your customers.
  • You get advanced automation capabilities so you can manage campaigns and create trigger-based responses for your campaign based on a customer’s interaction with an email.
  • Omnichannel A/B testing capabilities enable you to make informed decisions regarding batch email touch points when designing a targeted and personalized email marketing campaign.
  • You can know which changes and adjustments need to be made in current or future campaigns by looking through a real-time analytics dashboard and assessing open rates, bounce backs and click through rates.
  • It’s based on a subscription-based pricing model.
  • You can send just one email or millions of emails. In true haulage style, XES can send over 1 million emails in less than an hour.
  • Subscription packages are based on annual volumes, not monthly or contact limits.  So, you can control the amount and respond easily to peaks in volume, just as you would with a haulage company.
  • With XES you can separate different client emails within one XES subscription, so each brand is protected from the others. With other services, you must purchase a separate account, with its own email limit, for each client, so that each brand’s reputation does not affect the others.  In XES you can purchase one subscription and share it amongst the various clients, while at the same time protecting those clients from one another.


Cruise ahead with the XMPie Email Service (XES)


When considering which wheel sounds more attractive it is important to factor in the entire vehicle, cargo and journey type into your decision. The taxi wheel email option is for a single journey.  On the other hand, with our haulage truck email service, you can offer your clients’ a more memorable customer experience for the long haul.

It is completely integrated with the XMPie platform, so you can add email capabilities into your Web-to-print store, integrate email into your print campaign or use email touch points as part of a wider multichannel or omnichannel campaign that spans print, web, email, and SMS.

Because the same data and logic are used for both print and email it is easy to add email capabilities to the mix.  You don’t need to move data or designs between solutions or platforms as you would do if you chose a stand-alone email provider.  You can have one provider for delivering all touch points, personalized marketing messages, behavioral-triggered emails and transactional messages and take your email marketing to the next level.

To learn more about the new XMPie Email Service (XES) and to see its capabilities for yourself, contact us below to request a demo!