Votre atelier d’impression se démarquera via la personnalisation et le e-commerce : Ce que nous avons appris chez DscoopRESSOURCES

Votre atelier d’impression se démarquera via la personnalisation et le e-commerce : Ce que nous avons appris chez Dscoop



C’était une grande joie de revenir à un évènement sectoriel comme Dscoop, qui plus est en présentiel, partagée avec presque tous ceux qui ont visité le stand XMPie. Networking, interactions avec d’autres fournisseurs et clients, rattrapage et échanges pour découvrir ce sur quoi chacun a travaillé ces deux dernières années. Ça nous avait manqué, à tous. Que c’était bon de s’y remettre.

Alors, de quoi la plupart des participants à Dscoop voulaient-ils nous parler ? Du Covid ? Non. De la course à la productivité avec le Web-to-Print et de l’augmentation de l’efficacité marketing grâce à la personnalisation ? Clairement, Oui.


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eCommerce Web-to-Print Sites

Presque tous ceux à qui nous avons parlé chez Dscoop voulaient trouver le meilleur moyen de transférer des travaux et des commandes dans leurs imprimeries. Peu importe le type de commande – statique, personnalisée, par lot ou à la demande, matériel marketing ou emballage – les participants à Dscoop cherchent à automatiser le processus de la manière la plus efficace possible. Sans surprise pour une foule de « Dscoopers », ils recherchent également des solutions qui peuvent être intégrées aux presses HP PrintOS et HP Indigo.

Luckily for them (and us 😜), XMPie’s eCommerce Web-to-Print solution StoreFlow does just that by increasing automation and streamlining the print ordering workflow. We were busy demonstrating our industry-leading Web-to-print system for selling print, advanced VDP services, and even omnichannel campaigns from a five-star eCommerce workflow. It’s Adobe-based with familiar user workflows for easier operations onboarding, fully scalable, and extendable for customizing to any environment or business need.



XMPie is widely known for its advanced personalization capabilities. At the core of the Platform is its award-winning personalization engine, which merges customer data, business logic, and print design to tailor each printed or digital touchpoint for increased relevancy, and higher engagement rates.

Even those Dscoopers already with an eCommerce system in place were excited to learn that they could integrate XMPie’s advanced personalization capabilities into their existing system rather than switch entirely to a new system. They could add advanced variable data print features and sell personalized direct mail, customized posters, proposals, welcome kits, and much more, all from their current storefront while still retaining all existing functions.

XMPie StoreFlow also supports the complete Adobe InDesign workflow from set-up through preview and composition. With faster onboarding of templates and fewer steps in the design workflow, XMPie offers full graphics support and color management (where others are limited) so that brands can protect their graphic identity. And by harnessing Adobe’s technology as part of the composition process, XMPie retains the quality of the design into the variable data print stream as if you were printing each document manually straight from the Adobe application.



Many Dscoopers were curious about all our innovative features to help print businesses stand out from the competition across every industry. Above all this year, personalized packaging is emerging as an opportunity that can’t be ignored.

Labels & packaging is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the print industry – valued at USD 281.02 Billion in 2018 and projected to reach around USD 406.09 Billion by 2025 – and with XMPie, the ordering process can be transformed to save time and money.

Print Buyers can customize and order Labels and Packages via an eCommerce workflow, just like any other print product. Event-driven packaging, seasonal packaging, and more can reach the shelves quicker. Print Buyers can even view their order in 3D or add digital elements to their design to connect their packaging to landing sites, emails, or even personalized videos.


Remember that the key to success, profitability, and distinguishing your business from your rivals, is not simply to undercut the competition or offer a wider variety of print products. What will set you apart is delivering better marketing results with a superior level of customer service.

Personalization from an eCommerce workflow does just that, taking the relationship between customer and content to the next level and offering unbeatable customer service, greater convenience, fast product turnaround, and arguably the most desirable quality of all – it saves time.

If, like the Dscoopers we met last week, you’re also propelled by a desire to offer higher value to your clients, reach out to us using the form below. We’d love to show you what’s possible with XMPie.