Ten Ways to Offer your Clients More Services with XMPieRESSOURCES

Ten Ways to Offer your Clients More Services with XMPie

Print and Marketing Providers are always looking for ways to provide more value to their clients, to meet their evolving requirements and to solve their problems. Enterprises usually have existing specifications or internal systems that require tailor-made solutions.

Did you know that XMPie has a series of integrations and plug-ins that seamlessly connect to the XMPie platform and expand your capabilities? Because the XMPie platform is built with open software architecture and is designed from the ground up to be extendable, scalable and robust; the platform can be customized to meet any need or environment.  It can even integrate with other internal systems or third-party applications through XMPie’s APIs.

Looking to implement a tailored solution to address a specific business challenge? Get in touch with our professional services team who can help bring your concepts to life. And for some inspiration, here are ten ways you can do more for your business, and for your customers with your XMPie platform:

  1. Synchronize W2P storefronts with eProcurement systems: Our integration with PunchOut2Go enables a W2P storefront to connect seamlessly with an eProcurement application, such as Ariba, SciQuest, Coupa, SAP, Oracle and more.
  1. Extend the value of MIS by creating a single pricing and stock system for W2P storefronts: Benefit from streamlined operations, fewer losses due to errors and reporting delays, and improved cost-efficiency. XMPie users can connect any Print MIS to their W2P storefronts using various integrations including Optimus, PrintIQ, PrintVIS, MyVirtualCSR, Avanti and more.
  1. Single Sign-On (SSO) with Salesforce: You can offer W2P portals that can be accessed directly from Saleforce.com without any additional login or User ID requirements. Profile information from the Saleforce.com user is automatically imported and can be used to personalize documents ordered directly from the store.
  1. Efficiently manage distribution lists: If your customer is sending out direct mail frequently, the AccuZIP plug-in offers a solution for mailing list management. It automatically detects duplicate address records, provides presorting, and verifies mailing lists through CASS™ Certification and NCOALink® (National Change of Address) services.
  1. Leverage the full potential of Magento: With the Magento XMPie uStore extension, you can use the Magento e-commerce platform to manage your online business while relying on XMPie technology for document handling, personalization, customization, dynamic document composition, and pre-press automation workflows (We even integrate with Shopify and Big Commerce too!).
  1. Digital Signatures: Add fully automated electronic signature workflows to your omnichannel communications campaigns. For those enterprises already using XMPie, this workflow is a welcome addition. For those of you with Adobe Sign, who have not yet started with XMPie, think of how much more relevant and compelling your documents could be!
  1. Establish purchasing policies for enterprise customers: The Budget Center Plug-in allows you to create and designate purchasing policies easily. You can allocate and manage budgets without adding any extra overhead for manually reconciling accounts.
  1. Add chatbots to your campaign: Integrate chatbots into XMPie-powered omnichannel campaigns to maximize the customer experience. Based on the conversation, the context and specifics of the consumer’s intent, combined with the brand and marketing data, a chatbot can present back very detailed and targeted information to add value to a conversation.
  1. Generate dynamic, print quality maps for your VDP and Cross-Media Campaigns: Define and generate a variety of map types based on the needs of your customers – XMPie offers a subscription-based service in cooperation with locr, a leading supplier of geodata services and personalized street, city and terrain maps.
  1. Use connector applications like Zapier, Microsoft Flow, or tray.io to integrate hundreds of applications and platforms into your XMPie platform. Add new customers into an onboarding campaign when they are flagged in your CRM system. Trigger personalized communications after your customers interact with your call center, or interact with your website form.

Want to learn more about our plug-ins and integrations? for a list of our current integrations.

Want help from our Professional Software Services team? Get in touch below and let us know what integration you need!