XMPie Launches Bi-Directional Integration Software for StoreFlow and Dataline’s MultiPress MIS/ERP for Print Media Companies and OrganisationsRESSOURCES

XMPie Launches Bi-Directional Integration Software for StoreFlow and Dataline’s MultiPress MIS/ERP for Print Media Companies and Organisations

Extend your StoreFlow eCommerce site by synchronizing data with other internal and third-party external systems.

Together with its partner Dataline, XMPie has developed a system for increasing efficiency through bi-directional communication between StoreFlow and Dataline’s MultiPress MIS/ERP system.

StoreFlow delivers all the features you need from a print-focused eCommerce system. It is designed to be part of an open, future-proof ecosystem – with common logic and familiar user workflows from application to application, including CRMs, Print MIS, eProcurement systems, and more.

With this new integration, all the job details generated by the StoreFlow ordering system, including all the digital artwork and assets need to fulfil the job, are fed seamlessly into the MultiPress Print MIS/ERP administrative workflow and production schedule, just like any other print job.

“StoreFlow has been built with ultimate flexibility in mind because we know that our customers want to grow their businesses in ways that they may not even foresee when they first invest in XMPie,” said Ayelet Szabo-Melamed, Vice-President of Marketing at XMPie. “This integration, connecting both ordering information and digital artwork and assets between the two systems, will help printers and enterprises reduce manual tasks and increase profit margins.”

Web-to-Print and Print MIS both need the same dataset to accomplish different functions. Web-to-Print streamlines the order process, and Print MIS provides transparency and calculates pricing information in real-time as the orders are fulfilled. By implementing bi-directional synchronization across the print production workflow, everyone can access a real-time view of the information they need.

For instance, the print buyer needs to know the status of their order but doesn’t need to know which print press will be used to print it. The pre-press manager needs to see the print production schedule for the day but doesn’t care how much the customer paid for the order. By combining the two datasets from both systems to behave as one, (bi-directional integration), an accurate real-time view of the data can be maintained in both systems, enable stakeholders to access relevant data to their task, and optimize your print production process.

“MultiPress MIS/ERP is the driving force behind many print production companies and organizations in Europe. To streamline processes even further, MultiPress connects with a wide range of solutions by industry leaders. Especially in the domain of eCommerce there is a high demand for web-to-print setups where integration with the MIS software adds important automation and intelligence to web storefronts,” said Christoph Krohn, MultiPress Product Director at Dataline Solutions. “We are proud that our MultiPress Certified Partner XMPIE has further enhanced the bespoke StoreFlow by integrating it with MultiPress MIS/ERP from Dataline.”

Find out more about the new integration between MultiPress and XMPie by replaying the webinar, Building Beyond eCommerce or watch a short introduction from Dataline.

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