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How does uMerge compare to uCreate Print?


By Ayelet Szabo-Melamed, Product Marketing Manager at XMPie

We just had a great webinar to introduce the latest XMPie product– uMerge. We answered many questions during the webinar but one question in particular was repeated in many variations and I’d like to take this opportunity to answer it:

What is the big difference between uMerge and our other product, uCreate Print? It looks like there is all the same functionality. Is this just uCreate Print in the cloud? What if I have tens of thousands of records?

XMPie’s goal for uMerge is to bring personalization technology directly to the design community and to optimize it for their needs. We know that there are a lot of InDesign users who need personalization for their design projects as well as marketing, HR, finance departments in enterprises and agencies, design shops etc.

In terms of design capability uMerge is identical to uCreate Print. We are still true to our promise that any static object that you can design in Adobe InDesign (text, story, graphic frame, etc.), can be transformed into a dynamic object using uMerge.  This will allow data and logic (rules) to drive the content of the object for each record (name, promotional story, picture, etc…).

The big difference between uMerge and uCreate Print is in our approach to the output stream. In our uDirect and PersonalEffect product lines, which both use the uCreate Print InDesign Plug-in, we support output streams formats that are tailored for production-grade variable data printing (e.g. Optimized PDF, PDF/VT, PPML, and others). uMerge output is different and for a reason. We purposely created a product that outputs a simple, single PDF file per recipient or record because that is what many graphic communicators need. These PDFs can be either printed or delivered electronically and one separate PDF for every recipient is a simple and efficient workflow.


Another common question related to high volume output: “but what if I now have 30,000 recipients? And what if next week this small test project will turn into a project that is sent out to a mailing list of 10,000 each week?”

The answer is that for so many records, you’re not talking about small scale personalization any more.  If you have a project that is about to turn into a large production job you should collaborate with a professional Print Service Provider who uses XMPie’s server-class production-grade products, and who is familiar with variable data printing, optimized output formats, RIP speed, color management etc.

The good news is two-fold. First, you can work with uMerge to design the document and run a smaller-scale test campaign. Once you are happy with the results the same file can be used as an input file in uCreate Print to connect to the larger database and output an optimized stream ready to be batch produced and sent to a RIP that works with such VDP formats. Another option for a uMerge user would be to remotely connect to the XMPie server of a Print Service Provider to get the job produced and fulfilled. If high volume batch production is needed, uMerge-designed documents are compatible with production grade workflows from XMPie.

So try it out. Start small, create a personalized project or two and see the difference it makes to your recipients. We know that personalization has been proven to consistently driver higher response rates and you’ll feel it too once you get started!