Integration Series: Tips for maximizing your social media impact with XMPieRESOURCES

Integration Series: Tips for maximizing your social media impact with XMPie

Social media is a powerful tool that can help brands reach a wider audience and increase business impact. But if you’re a Print Service Provider or Enterprise with XMPie in your toolkit, there are different directions you should consider.

While XMPie excels at merging data and design to create personalized communications, its open nature allows for nearly limitless integration with external platforms, and there are virtually no boundaries to what you can achieve with it. Before diving in, take a moment to assess how your brand is currently using social media. Consider the existing pain points and whether any personalization or segmentation tactics are already in play. Find out whether you have access to existing data or if you’ll need to generate new data from social channels.

In this blog post, we’ll explore three powerful ways to integrate XMPie with social media to increase your brand’s social impact. From creating sticky content to expanding a database, these tips will help brands make the most of their social media presence and achieve their goals.

Content Creation

In a conventional setting, marketers are using XMPie to generate personalized print, such as Direct Mail, or personalizing various digital channels such as marketing emails, landing pages or personalized videos. However, this same technology can also be used to generate personalized content on social media. For instance, a supermarket may wish to share distinct social media advertisements across various platforms, tailored to each branch and featuring localized offers. While manually designing such customized content would be an arduous task for any designer, XMPie streamlines the process through automation.

A large supermarket chain might operate 5,000 individual branches across the United States. This expansive network potentially results in a social media ad creation requirement of over 150,000 unique text variations, personalized images, or even customized videos. Thanks to XMPie, achieving this level of automated personalization on a social channel is entirely achievable in next to no time.

Trigger an Omnichannel Campaign

In an ideal scenario, brands would already possess pristine, meticulously curated data to fuel their campaigns. However, the real world often diverges from this idyllic vision. Social media can provide multiple avenues through which prospects can access business information, and marketers can capitalize on these opportunities.

By connecting XMPie to social media via XMPie’s advanced APIs or external automation tools like Zapier, a simple social media button or a well-crafted lead generation post can initiate data collection by igniting a comprehensive omnichannel campaign to promote a brand’s message or value proposition across multiple touch points, for instance, to qualify leads effectively for potential sales.

Streamline interactions with Chatbots

Similarly, chatbots, whether deployed via social media platforms or directly on your website, are exceptionally well-suited for serving as a powerful data collection tool as they can tailor responses to fit different situations.

In this way, brands can gather new data and insights and refine marketing strategies. For instance, in this demo, the fictional brand Marsaili Skincare integrates XMPie into its automated Facebook chatbot with Zapier to fuel its campaign (type ‘offer’ in the message box to get started).

Key Takeaway

Leveraging XMPie on social channels requires a pragmatic approach. Begin by assessing your brand’s current position—its strengths, vulnerabilities, and challenges. Remember, you don’t need to be a master of all trades. Collaborate with skilled marketers or agencies to craft personalized social content that resonates.

Consider XMPie as your strategic companion across every media to amplify your brand’s voice, spark conversations, leave a lasting impression, and help your brand excel in the vibrant social media landscape.

To learn more about how print providers can use the XMPie Platform to revolutionize your social media presence, get in touch using the form below.