Introducing the new Circle analytics: Understand your target audience, build trust with your customersRESOURCES

Introducing the new Circle analytics: Understand your target audience, build trust with your customers


Analytics are the bread and butter of any email marketing campaign. The ability to know how many recipients reacted to your campaign – and even more importantly – how they responded to it, are the building blocks of understanding the effectiveness of all marketing initiatives.

The latest release of Circle, XMPie’s marketing automation platform, offers improved features that enable you to extract more insights in each step along the customer journey. The first feature is List Report: rather than relying on numbers as KPIs, such as how many people opened your latest email or clicked through it, you can know exactly who these people are.

Why is this important? Because it lets you deliver value to customers that allows them to segment prospects based on their interaction with the campaign – indicating their interest in the campaign offerings.

Consider the following use case: one of your customers is a real estate entrepreneur, hosting a big sales event. Your job is to promote this event using Circle campaign automation, targeting a list of prospects provided by the customer. The campaign includes an initial invite and a reminder email, sent a few days afterwards to anyone who didn’t respond to the invitation. The reminder email includes more details on the specific housing project which will be featured at the sales event, and a promise of a discount at the event.

With Circle analytics List Report, you can show your customer who clicked to register right from the first email (which may indicate that they are prime prospects for a house), and who are the ones that required more nudging. The realtor will be better positioned to handle the sales event knowing this.

Moreover, with Circle Analytics you can deliver more insights to your customer. The real power of List Reports lies in the ability to easily add ADOR cross-references to each list. An ADOR is a dynamic content object that is part of your campaign logic – essentially any piece of data in the campaign. It can be information that is known before the campaign is launched (a person’s name, address, date of birth, etc.) or information gathered during the campaign, such as marital status, house preferences, etc. Adding ADORs to List Reports can help unveil some unexpected insights that can be highly valuable to your customer: specific zip code neighborhoods that generate most interest in her projects, or certain housing projects that appeal more to singles than to families.

Adding ADORs to your List Reports makes you better equipped to address customer questions and provide them with surprising insights


In the new Circle analytics, these insights can be added with much greater ease and flexibility than before: at any given time during the campaign, the builder can select up to 20 desired ADORs, and in just a single set-up they will appear on all List Reports. In previous versions, adding ADORs to each list required flagging each one in advance, before the email was sent out. Now you are better equipped to answer your customers questions and give them surprising insights and more information.

One more benefit of having individual list reports at your disposal is the ability to constantly clean the “raw” mailing list, using the delivery failures and bounce-back lists to correct all problematic addresses. But what if you’re not just delivering a one-off email, but handling an ongoing campaign, such as sending a monthly newsletter on behalf of your customer? Circle analytics has got you covered here as well, with a new performance over time feature and date filter. With these functions at your disposal, you can easily spot spikes in campaign performance, quickly compare the last send to the previous send, and optimize open and click rate by tweaking parameters such the day of the week that an email is sent or even the exact time of day.

Being able to share analytics and insights with customers can help you build a relationship of trust and transparency

Another important element of your email campaign which is now covered by Circle analytics is auto-named links, such as unsubscribe, click to view in browser, and PDF on Demand. The beauty here is that these links are already automatically named for individual tracking: there’s nothing that the campaign builder needs to add to the email code to have these links tracked by name and available for reporting and analysis. In the near future, all links will be automatically named so each can link in the email can be tracked, measured and analyzed individually (currently these links are being tracked but are not automatically broken down by source).

Click the video below for a quick demonstration of the latest Circle analytics:

Having rich analytics at your fingertips can help you optimize your campaign on the fly and optimize your ROI. This gives you something that’s beyond the numbers and stats:
it really helps you build a relationship of trust with your customers, improving the transparency of your campaign and helping you demonstrate your deep understanding of the business and position yourself as a trusted advisor.

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