Introducing XMPie’s New Video Personalization ServiceRESOURCES

Introducing XMPie’s New Video Personalization Service


We’re excited to announce the launch of the new XMPie Video Service! Now you can produce creatively sophisticated videos (either batch produced or on-demand) that are personalized to the recipient with data-driven variable content and can be added to your omnichannel communication campaigns.


Each video is streamed automatically when the recipient accesses his or her personalized link from an email or digitally-led print piece.


Virtually any type of customer data can be displayed creatively as a personalized variable element within the video. Imaginative editors can create highly dynamic videos with compelling content and cinematic-quality visual effects to grab the viewers’ attention.

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How are the videos generated?


XMPie Videos Services supports two phases: Design and Production.


During the design phase, the user creates a video template using our new uMerge Video extension to Adobe AfterEffects and defines the variable elements by selecting layers, text elements, images and video clips and tagging them with fields from the database.


In the Production phase, the individual videos are created from the video template based on the input list of records (one video per input record).  The videos are then rendered in the cloud.


Introducing MovieSet™ Rendering


This cloud rendering is where the magic happens, and we call it ‘MovieSet™ Rendering’.  It avoids the need to re-render shared segments between different videos, speeds up the whole production rendering process, and there’s no need to allocate any special resources on-premise for the video rendering.


Solving Challenges: Adding Video to Your Omnichannel Campaign


XMPie Videos Services solves many significant challenges faced by service providers who want to add data-driven videos to their offerings:


  • It dramatically speeds up the composition and rendering of dynamic data-driven videos because the system splits the video file into segments according to the template variable selections. Some segments will be static hence will be shared by all records, others will be relevant to some records and can therefore be shared across multiple records during the composition and rendering process.  This concept massively reduces the rendering time required so that these complex videos can be generated quickly on-demand.


  • The combination of XMPie’s MovieSet™ Rendering technique, which avoids re-rendering shared segments, and the solution’s cloud technologies, means that the solution is highly scalable; no matter how many data records are required, the system can generate the videos fast either in advance or on-the-fly.


  • This application has a broad market appeal across all verticals because video content is easily digestible and ideal for communicating complex details simply and with minimal effort required from the target recipient. Merely adding a personalized URL or QR code in a personalized print piece can drive recipients to the personalized video, which is embedded in a unique personalized landing page for each recipient. These videos can act as potent triggers for other touchpoints in the communications journey.


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