7 Ways Web-to-Print Can Boost Marketing and Sales EffortsRISORSE

7 Ways Web-to-Print Can Boost Marketing and Sales Efforts


Web-to-Print Benefits for Every Area of Your Print Shop (Part 3 – Sales and Marketing)

Benefits of a Web-to-Print (W2P) solution span far and wide across every role in a print shop. That’s why we created this blog series – to help show the value and impact it can have not only on business overall, but in specific roles as well. In the first two posts, we covered the benefits for operations team members and CEOs. Now we’re moving on to the sales and marketing team.

As the marketing or sales representative, your goal is to promote and sell your company’s print services to both B2B and B2C customers. That means having the latest technology and capabilities to stand out from the competition, earn new business, retain customers and drive more print volume to your presses. With a web-to-print solution up your sleeve, your job just got a whole lot easier!

W2P Benefits for Sales and Marketing Executives

1. Add new revenue streams

In your role, you know that getting your company’s message out into the marketplace to help drive new and recurring business is vital. With W2P, you’re adding a new sales channel for your customers to submit their print orders when it is most convenient for them. There are no restrictions on day or time – it’s available whenever they need it. Additionally, it can help drive in revenue from new customers who may not have previously been within local reach.

2. Reach a broader audience

Regardless of the current way you’re marketing your capabilities, a W2P storefront will completely transform the way you earn business. You’re exposing your business to a whole new realm of customers and opportunities – both near and afar. And once you secure the sale, you can work to nurture the customer relationship to keep them coming back for more.

3. Fix the marketing supply chain

A W2P solution centralizes the ordering process, so all jobs submitted come into the shop in an orderly way. The jobs are queued up for production through an automated system and finished promptly for customers. Say goodbye to a chaotic workflow of several telephone calls or emails with multiple people to place and finalize a job. Instead, the print buyer can get quick quotes online, and the job status can be comprehensively tracked and various reports (shipping, orders, and inventory) can be generated.

4. Personalization Capabilities

No one knows better than you that cutting through the marketing clutter is essential for your sales. Personalization is a critical element that many consumers will be looking for when they need to get a job printed, and it’s a great selling feature for you. If you have W2P portal with built-in VDP features, you can offer both static and variable documents to meet the needs of both simple and higher-value, complex print jobs.

5. Create sticky relationships

Web-to-print is a naturally sticky undertaking.  By offering online ordering, you’re turning your business into an indispensable part of your clients’ workflow.  You might be taking care of all of your client’s artwork, so they won’t want to move away to work with other service providers and you’ll (hopefully!) keep your system up-to-date, so it continually matches the features the clients are looking for.

With a W2P portal, you can show your customers you’re more than just a print shop through excellent customer service and a wide range of capabilities. You can add options to your store that span beyond print products, including omnichannel campaign products or email campaigns, to help target your customers that are looking for something a little more.

6. Improve brand consistency and quality control

If you have B2B customers that regularly need business collateral and materials, you can create dedicated storefronts for each customer. Each branded storefront will give them 24/7 accessibility to easily order their branded content, in the desired quantities they’re seeking. That way, they know their documents are going to be consistent with their brand requirements and they can keep a manageable handle on their inventory.

7. Internal marketing tool

When you combine all of the benefits mentioned above together, W2P creates one powerful marketing and sales tool for you externally… but it will also be exceptionally beneficially for internal purposes. You can add XMPie’s Campaigns-on-demand feature to build omnichannel campaigns that are personalized and tailored to your customers. Those campaigns can then be reused to help you continue to market your business and drive new sales.

Stay tuned for our fourth and final blog post in our W2P series which will focus on benefits for end users.

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