A Year of Analytics: A Look Back at All the New FeaturesRISORSE

A Year of Analytics: A Look Back at All the New Features

XMPie’s Circle software is a marketing automation solution designed to help you manage personalized customer journeys across print and digital media. Powered by intelligent data and driven by business logic in real-time, with Circle you can transform your campaign from a one-way message to a fully interactive omnichannel conversation. In this post, we’ll walk you through the recent updates to Circle’s analytics features.


Circle comes fully loaded with a full suite of features for marketers to manage data-driven print and digital communications campaigns. Whether you’re using our entry-level options or taking advantage of its advanced functionality, you can always build your campaigns with thoughtful, data-driven, and tailored messaging triggered automatically by individual actions and preferences.

To help you make informed marketing decisions, we have rolled out numerous new analytics features across the Circle platform over the past year. If you have a current Circle subscription, these features are already available on your dashboard and will help you evaluate campaign effectiveness by channel and across every touchpoint. See how well each dollar was spent on a campaign and how future projects can be optimized:


New Circle Analytics Features


Introduction of Report-Sharing


Share reports with external members who don’t have access to the live campaign or to Circle. Reports can be shared or downloaded either by touchpoint or for the entire campaign.  No extra report configuration is required, which will save you time and money, and all stakeholders will have complete access to the results as they come in.


Better List Reporting Functionality


Drill down to find out how your recipients corresponded to a specific event. We’ve added more options for date ranges and filtering. For instance, over a specific date range (when a particular event occurred) or for the last send of an email.


SMS Analytics


Just like all your other campaign entry points you can now gain valuable insights into SMS interactions, including real-time delivery rates, read receipts and conversions.


Web Analytics


Access predefined, out-of-the-box reports to measure the performance and effectiveness of your personalized sites. Web reports provide access to information, including the number of site visitors, the number of visitors who interacted with the page (i.e., clicked a button or a link) and the number of bounces. Also included are the new referral source reports to help you assess which media performed best. These show which touchpoint the interaction originated from, such as email, print, SMS or social media communication.




Web ADORs are special link ADORs created for each web touchpoint in a campaign. When placed in an email, SMS, or other media, they return a link to the webpage configured in the web touchpoint.  These unique link ADORs automatically include the media and source parameters so campaign managers can easily see exactly where the visit originated, e.g., emails, QR-Code, or external links.


New ‘Analyze’ Tab


Get a single consolidated high-level analytics overview of all touchpoints in the campaign at once, instead of checking each touchpoint result separately. You can also customize your view to hide or display your chosen touchpoints. Like other list reports, the Analyze Tab can be directly shared with external members giving them a quick and live view of all campaign metrics – Watch the video.


Configurable KPI Gauges and Charts


KPI Gauges have been added to the top of the Analyze Tab for instant data visualization so you can quickly assess how well a given metric is performing against a target goal and act accordingly.


Next year, our R&D team will continue to develop more features to boost your decision-making firepower as we work towards deprecating the longstanding Marketing Console.

Please visit our Circle Update Page or consult the Circle Release Notes for further information about all our new features.