Cooking Up A Personalized Omnichannel Campaign with Digital HandwritingRISORSE

Cooking Up A Personalized Omnichannel Campaign with Digital Handwriting


Please note that since posting this article in 2018, is no longer operating and XMPie is unable to offer any integration into this technology.

With our new digital handwriting integration, it is now easy to add a personal touch to your omnichannel campaigns. Check out this integration in action with this campaign from XMPie customer, ActionHQ.

They created a cool lead generation campaign styled around Master Chef team challenges. The cover letter, address label, and return address label were printed using new handwriting technology, and the campaign achieved an unprecedented 88% conversion rate!

What is Digital Handwriting?

In a recent blog post guest authored by our partner, we explored the power of incorporating digital handwriting into your marketing campaigns. By using the integration on XMPie’s platform, you can include authentic-looking handwriting in your business communications and add a personalized touch to variable data marketing campaigns.’s unique technology turns typed text into true-to-life digital handwriting. With a variety of options from cursive to neat print, you can select a style that mimics your company’s look and feel to ensure consistent branding. The creative handwriting possibilities are virtually endless!

Digital Handwriting in Action

To better paint a picture of what this technology can do we’re going to walk you a great campaign created by one of our customers in New Zealand. Action HQ, a direct marketing agency in Auckland, created an omnichannel lead generation campaign targeting the top marketing masterminds in New Zealand.

Working with renowned chef and author Brett McGregor, Action HQ created an event called ‘My Team Rules’, which was designed to be a fun networking event and cooking challenge for the top marketing managers in the region.

To invite participants to the event, Action HQ sent out a direct marketing package which contained a cover letter, a personalized cookbook, a link to register for the event and form to call out their food preferences and cooking level.

The cover letter, address label and return address label for the package were all printed using distinct handwriting technology – enabled by the integration using XMPie’s platform. The company was able to pick a handwriting style that added an authentic, yet special personalized flair to key package elements.

Each recipient also received a personalized copy of MasterChef Brett McGregor’s latest cookbook, CHOP CHOP. The cover was personalized with the names of the recipients and Brett personally signed each copy.

Upon arrival at the event, the participants even received a personalized ‘My Team Rules’ themed apron.

The response to the campaign was resounding, achieving an 88% conversion rate just one week out from the event. Recipients were impressed by the level of creativity and innovation used to create the direct marketing pieces.

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