Introducing uStore NG Technology for StoreFlow – 16 April 2019RISORSE

Introducing uStore NG Technology for StoreFlow – 16 April 2019

Watch the webinar replay to learn about the new uStore Next Generation (NG) technology – now powering XMPie’s award-winning web-to-print solution, PersonalEffect StoreFlow.

Create any web-to-print store you can imagine, while taking advantage of the unparalleled capabilities of the XMPie personalization platform.

Guy Schrieber, StoreFlow Product Manager, is present this webinar and demonstrate how different customers – PSPs, MSPs and Enterprises – can take advantage of the new features of uStore NG Technology to solve the challenges faced in their particular line of business:

  • Launch client storefronts fast; adjust and brand each one and preview instantly with the new interactive Theme Editor
  • Adapt to your customers’ exact specifications by designing your own reusable theme with HTML, CSS, and code; add extra functionality, featured product areas, bespoke pages (like FAQ), personalized product recommendations, and more.
  • Convert a legacy branded store to a new theme automatically.

XMPie’s award-winning web-to-print solutions are used globally by Print and Marketing Service Providers and Enterprises across every industrial vertical to sell static or variable products, email communications, and complete omnichannel campaigns.

This webinar content is ideal for:

  • Anyone interested in launching a web-to-print store or marketing portal for taking in print orders 24/7 and automating the complete cycle from the ordering process to output.
  • Current StoreFlow users.
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