Participate in International Print Day; Showcase the Power of PrintRISORSE

Participate in International Print Day; Showcase the Power of Print

By Ayelet Szabo-Melamed, Product Marketing Manager, XMPie.

In today’s always-on, digital world, it’s refreshing to learn that hundreds of graphic communications and marketing professionals will be celebrating print by participating in Print Media Centr’s “International Print Day” on Wednesday, Oct. 8.

international_print_day_2014Dubbed “international” with the objective to trend worldwide, Print Media Centr wants to remind those not in the industry that print is everywhere – even in social media timelines. Participants can take to their social channels to provide education and information on the global print and integrated marketing community through 24-hour open knowledge sharing, using the hashtag #IPD14.

XMPie knows that print is alive and thriving like never before! In fact, there is a renewed focus on print’s relevance: hardcopy books are back in demand, photo albums are hot commodities, online greeting card retailers are supplementing their product line with printed versions and marketers are using direct-mail and cross-media campaigns to boost response rates. That’s all beneficial to the industry and, more importantly, demonstrates the profound impact of print and integrated marketing.

Recently, XMPie participated in Graph Expo, a North America Graphic Arts event, which brings together thousands of vendors in the graphic communications industry to show how new hardware and software re-energize the power of print. At the show, XMPie announced six new offerings, demonstrating growth and demand in the workflow solution space. It is an exciting time for our industry and we’re excited to empower the future of print.

So, on Oct. 8 for 24 epic hours, follow @IntPrintDay and @XMPie on Twitter, XMPie on Facebook and the #IPD14 hashtag online for a little print industry fun! We’ll be sharing a series of posts throughout the day that are specifically targeted for this cause. In response, feel free to share your cool examples showcasing the power of print by tagging @XMPie and the #IPD14 hashtag.