Personalized Video Marketing: Spiking customers’ attention, engagement and curiosityRISORSE

Personalized Video Marketing: Spiking customers’ attention, engagement and curiosity

Joël Rowland, President and CIO of JR GROUP USA has been working on personalized video since 2009 using XMPie Video Services, among others. He is an XMPie Reseller and an integration service provider. In his role, he created a personalized video-centric marketing campaign for Coca-Cola Credit Union in Atlanta, among other customers.


Videos have long been one of the most preferred tools for marketers. Being able to personalize a video has made it an even more valuable tool to drive user engagement and wow your audience.

Many businesses don’t realize this, but the trend of personalized videos has been around for a while. The truth is, just a fraction of businesses knows how to efficiently use this tool to optimize their marketing results. At the current state, the market is yet to fully embrace personalized videos as an alternative to traditional email marketing and direct mail.

An overview of personalized video solutions in our market shows that while there are several one-off tools capable of addressing specific market needs (such as customer acquisition, market penetration, retention), very few providers offer a fully integrated, 360-degree solution. Moreover, no platform seems to be able to demonstrate how personalized videos can become a profit center, incorporated into marketing campaigns for a clear Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).

For the market to fully embrace personalized videos, the product must be able to achieve this simple ROMI calculation, utilizing the inherent advantages of personalized videos in gaining customers’ attention and engagement and interacting with them on a one-on-one basis.


What Personalize Video Marketing Means in the Today’s Business Environment

In light of the current crisis, where social distancing is our new reality, you must try and stay in touch with your customers if you don’t want them to forget about you. In this reality, personalized videos may actually help keep your business alive.

If you know how to capitalize on personalized video marketing, you can still be a close-knit family with your customers. With personalized interactions, you can make your audience feel special and being heard. Ultimately, it can help you attract new prospects while complying with the ‘stay-at-home’ orders.

For instance, instead of you taking 6 different people on separate video calls simply to introduce your new product, imagine making one personalized video and sending it to your customers and prospects. This video won’t only serve the purpose of introducing your product, it’ll also help you save time and energy.

Most importantly: it will be specifically tailored to the needs, interests, and preferences of each recipient, ensuring that you’ll get their attention, engagement and curiosity.
Our collaboration with XMPie is all about combining the power of personalized videos with a full line of tools and then integrating it for reporting, follow-ups, and other business processes.


Examples of what personalized videos can look like (click to watch short videos)



How to Use Personalized Videos Efficiently

When it comes to personalized video marketing, having an end-to-end solution is a key. To use personalized videos to your business’ advantage, you should follow these tips:

  • Identifying the right tool is crucial. An open platform like SaaS is an excellent option, as it provides access to all the necessary tools for publishing, creating content, reporting, collaborating, real-time follow-ups, and customer interactions management.
  • Focus on an affordable and scalable price to justify ROMI value. One of the platforms we have used frequently provides a much-needed plug in for free and a simple pay per usage pricing eliminating the high cost barrier of entry – with no minimum.
  • Make it fully automated, easy to use, and compatible with small and large projects.
  • Have readily available support and service teams for deployment as well as full integration.
  • Avoid islands of automation, as they only defeat the purpose and are too costly.
  • Know what to track – watch time, views, bounce rates, conversion rates, conversion paths, Social Engagement and Authority, shares, comments, likes, referral traffic, email, forward rates, open rates, click-through rates, etc.
  • Frequency of the campaign is the key to finding the right hook. Trail and repeat all the way!
  • Keep your video dynamic.
  • Hosting is important. You must focus on 360-degree solutions instead of going to various vendors. This will prevent the traffic from going away from your site and to other hosting sites.
  • Evangelize the solution internally from the top down.
  • Identify its application within your company to use the solution internally.
  • Measure the results and re-purpose the campaign.

When done right, personalized videos can be a catalyst in an integrated marketing campaign, whether the campaign goals are increase in acquisition and conversion rates, elevated brand awareness or building long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Joël Rowland, President and CIO of JR GROUP USA


For more details or questions, reach out to Joël directly on JR GROUP USA or visit the XMPie personalized video page.