Powering a Retail Loyalty Application through Cross Media Marketing SoftwareRISORSE

Powering a Retail Loyalty Application through Cross Media Marketing Software

In today’s multimedia world where consumers often call the shots regarding their own brand interaction, loyalty programs are a popular vehicle for many marketers.

For retailers, loyalty programs represent an opportunity to nurture customer relationships.  Ongoing campaigns can be deployed to engage with customers through consistent contact across different communications channels – with the ultimate goal of influencing them to purchase more.

Customers on the other hand benefit from personalized communications from their favorite brands giving them the information they’re most interested at the right moment(s) in time. It’s a win-win for both.

Although print may not always be the go-to medium of choice, it can be easily added to the multichannel mix and plays an essential role in successful integrated campaigns. It is by using a variety of channels spanning print, digital, social and mobile, that loyalty program marketers can create engaging and memorable experiences that truly leave an impact on consumers.

At XMPie, we’re driven to provide marketers and PSPs with solutions that help their clients connect with prospects and consumers for years to come.  One of our customers, Rethink CMYK – a printing and cross-media marketing company based in South Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom – recently expanded their cross-media marketing capabilities with XMPie PersonalEffect TransMedia Pro. Rethink CMYK plays a vital role in producing high-value cross-media marketing campaigns for its customers and TransMedia Pro will help them better deliver integrated and consistent brand experiences to meet a variety of cross-channel requirements for customer campaigns including VDP, email, PURLs, mobile apps, and social media.

Rethink CMYK is using XMPie’s software to build a retail loyalty application to drive customer retention and acquisition for small to medium retailers. This application will deliver a fully personalized experience for consumers while allowing the retailer to promote appropriate, timely and relevant products and offers to each individual recipient including the use of redeemable vouchers at point of sale. Built-in reporting and analytics capabilities will enable detailed tracking and monitoring of campaign performance in real-time.

For Rethink CMYK digital print serves as a critical ingredient to a successful recipe for customer engagement. Capabilities like VDP put tangible and credible back on the menu with its unique ability to stand out amongst other media clutter.

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