XMPie Brings New Levels of Variable Data Print Efficiencies with New PersonalEffect SoftwareRISORSE

XMPie Brings New Levels of Variable Data Print Efficiencies with New PersonalEffect Software

NEW YORK, Sept. 15, 2014 – Today, XMPie® announces PersonalEffect® 7.0, the next generation of its high-end variable data print software solution with Adobe design capabilities and server-based production performance. PersonalEffect 7.0 brings major production efficiencies and high-speed performance in variable data print composition, while – at the same time – offering truly uncompromising, creative for VDP.

The solution includes XMPie uCreate® Print desktop software for designing dynamic document templates, and the uProduce® server software for intelligently merging templates with logic and data, generating optimized variable data printing (VDP) output streams.

XMPie PersonalEffect 7.0 is the winner of a 2014 “Must See ‘Em” award, which recognizes the most unique, innovative and compelling products and services on display at Graph Expo.
With PersonalEffect Version 7.0, XMPie has extended the capabilities of the uCreate Print – XMPie’s plug-in to Adobe InDesign – enabling it to directly interact with the uProduce server environment. Design professionals can now seamlessly connect to XMPie’s uProduce server and work directly with documents on that server without ever leaving their desktop-based Adobe InDesign environment. Their creations and updates are automatically synced with uProduce when edited and saved, paving the way for a secure and centralized content management system.

PersonalEffect 7.0 also includes other new features, further adding to its support of PDF/VT, ease-of-use and breakthrough print performance. New and much improved processes for print composition take full advantage of concurrent processing techniques that result in high-speed composition with superior quality output streams.

“XMPie is continuing to push the boundaries of print personalization, focusing on two dimensions in parallel: state-of-the-art creative for VDP and state-of-the-art composition speeds and output stream efficiencies for VDP. With new and simpler connectivity between uProduce and uCreate, version 7.0 offers much better levels of collaboration between the creative community and print providers,” said Jacob Aizikowitz, President, XMPie. “Simply put, we are making it easier and more natural for the designer community to create demanding, high-end VDP applications. We are offering a high speed, scalable back-end production solution that can not only support such creative, but in many cases, outshine any other offering in our space.”

PersonalEffect version 7.0 is now available and will be demonstrated, along with all other XMPie products, at GRAPH EXPO 2014 in the Xerox booth No. 1213.