Swiss Direct Helps New Suva Members to Commit to Work Safety with Omnichannel Onboarding CampaignRISORSE

Swiss Direct Helps New Suva Members to Commit to Work Safety with Omnichannel Onboarding Campaign

Switzerland-based solution provider increased sign-ups to the Suva Safety Charter by 127% with omnichannel onboarding campaign powered by Circle marketing automation software and the XMPie Email Service.


XMPie Customer

Swiss Direct Marketing AG |

For the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (Suva)

The Challenge

How to maximize signatories to the Suva Safety Charter, thus preventing workplace accidents and saving lives.

The Solution

Circle marketing automation software, for designing, deploying, and measuring personalized omnichannel marketing campaigns and the XMPie Email Service (XES), a commercial-grade solution for personalized email delivery and tracking.

The Results

The campaign resulted in a 127% increase in signatories to the Suva Safety Charter.

Swiss Direct


Swiss Direct Marketing AG has been using XMPie since 2013. It provides direct mail and omnichannel services to several brands across Switzerland.

One such client is Suva, the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund, which provides compulsory insurance cover for employees and the unemployed against accidents. Suva, in conjunction with the Employees and Employers Association, published a Safety Charter to help its members ensure that safety rules are observed at all times in the workplace and save lives. To raise awareness of the Safety Charter, Suva asked Swiss Direct Marketing AG to run a marketing campaign attracting as many signatories as possible, and thus spreading workplace safety awareness throughout the country.


Suva set a goal of attracting 1,500 companies from 19,900 addresses in its database to sign up to the Suva Safety Charter and promote occupational safety. Suva also wanted to use the opportunity to update the Suva database, particularly email and postal addresses.

Many features that were critical to Suva:

  1. Maximizing the Suva brand experience by offering beneficial communications to educate and motivate throughout the campaign.
  2. Maintaining a consistent tone during the campaign and guaranteeing brand protection across every touchpoint
  3. Tracking and measuring the campaign in real time and amending the campaign mid-way if necessary.
  4. Personalizing and customizing the messaging to each recipient.
  5. Ensuring that the same cohesive messaging, and motivation is delivered across both print and digital channels.
  6. Adding a separate registration process for call center staff to document calls and signatory sign-ups systematically.

To attract as many signatories as possible, Swiss Direct Marketing AG recommended an omnichannel approach that reached prospective customers via both print and online channels.

"It was important to offer the customer different response options. All pre-filled, personalized, and designed so that the customer has to invest as little time as possible.”
Daniel Kohler
Expert Customer Campaigns, Suva


Swiss Direct Marketing AG used XMPie’s marketing automation solution, Circle, to run the campaign, and created multiple print and digital touchpoints, and the XMPie Email Service (XES) for deploying and tracking the email communications.

Working as the main control panel, Circle seamlessly connects to the PersonalEffect composition engine in real-time to access the databases and logic for generating personalized omnichannel campaigns that are perfectly synchronized across all channels and touchpoints. It makes managing omnichannel communications an easy, well-understood, structured, and professionally-friendly task.

Email communications were deployed by the XMPie Email Service, an integrated approach to sending personalized, dynamic, and content-rich email, complete with real-time tracking and analytics.

The campaign had many touchpoints:

  1. Email: Emails were sent to everyone in Suva’s database with an email address for the first phase. Each personalized email contains a link that leads directly to the recipient’s personalized landing page where they can sign up to the Safety Charter.
  2. Direct Mail: Contacts that could not be reached electronically were automatically migrated to the second phase and received the communication via direct mail. The enveloped mailing contained a cover letter, a detachable registration form, a personalized flyer, and a reply envelope. The registration form was pre-filled with existing data so that the registration process would be as comfortable and easy as possible. Alternatively, recipients could use their PURL or scan their QR code on the cover letter to access their personalized landing page and agree online to sign up to the Safety Charter. In both the print and online registration forms, the recipient was also able to update his or her data, and online they could also declare additional company branches or to subscribe to the Safety Charter newsletter.
  3. First Reminder via email: Those recipients who had not yet signed up received a further notification as a friendly reminder by email one week after the initial shipment.
  4. Second Reminder via email: This was followed by a second email reminder a week later.
  5. Call Center contact: A call center representative subsequently contacted recipients who did not respond to any of the previous communications.
  6. Printed Welcome Package for new policyholders – The Suva Safety Charter onboarding process was concluded with a Welcome Package which included further information material on the topic of occupational safety.

Circle Marketing Automation

Circle software is used by marketers for designing, deploying, automating and measuring personalized omnichannel marketing campaigns:

Visualization – Illustrate omnichannel campaign structure and content.

Collaboration – Enable discussion and sharing between all campaign stakeholders.

Integration – Implement integrated campaign flows that connect 3rd party systems.

Automation – Schedule and automate campaigns.

Evaluation – Track, measure and view performance metrics and KPIs.

XMPie Email Service (XES)

A subscription-based service available to all cross-media XMPie users, for delivering highly-personalized marketing messages, behavioral-triggered emails and transactional messages from your XMPie platform.

"“Circle makes it easy for me to collaborate with my team and my clients. And once it’s set up, all I need to do is sit back and track the results.”
Nadine Krienbühl,
Marketing Manager, Swiss Direct Marketing AG


  • The campaign was hugely successful, achieving a 127% increase in signatories to the Suva Safety Charter, from 1,500 to 3,414 companies.
  • The combination of print and digital channels was clearly evident half-way through the campaign, which meant that the call center had a lower number of companies to contact.

Lessons Learned

  1. Multi-touchpoint campaigns are essential to success, and marketers need to nurture prospects using a variety of channels and creatives. Different demographics prefer different channels, so both print and digital touchpoints are crucial.
  2. Multiple messages per channel offer extra chances to connect, and result in higher levels of engagement and conversion.

Critical Success Factors

  1. Giving recipients a choice between response channels along with convenience and accessibility, can significantly improve the campaign return on investment.
  2. A well-managed database that can be updated in real-time during a live campaign is critical.

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