Top Ten Tips for (VDP) DesignersRISORSE

Top Ten Tips for (VDP) Designers

by Deb Haines, Senior Trainer & Solution Specialist, XMPie

Recently I was able to attend PePcon 2015 – the PRINT and ePUBLISHING conference, in Philadelphia, PA.  For those of you that do not know, PePcon is one of the best conferences for learning and gaining valuable insight on using InDesign and (some) Photoshop for creating a variety of items, including books, eBooks, interactive documents, developing iPad/Tablet apps, to meet many experts and trainers, and to network with fellow designers.  Beside all that, there are panel sessions with Adobe Developers.

Each year this conference hosts an evening event called Ignite InDesign! (Tips and Stories from the Front Lines).   Basically this event allows any attendee to get up and present something to everyone.  Your presentation can be about any topic, so long as it is design- and not sales/product- related.  The event is a lot of fun and the presentations from those selected were funny, informative, unexpected, and basically great!  I was lucky enough to be chosen to give my 5-minute Ignite presentation, which you can access by clicking on the image below.

If you were unable to go to PePcon, I have news!!  All the conference sessions (Tuesday, June 2nd and Wednesday, June 3rd) were recorded.  You can still register for the event and watch the replays until September.   There was a wealth of information presented by Design Industry Experts and Adobe Engineers.  If you decide to register, you can use the code XMPIE to receive $50 off the PePcon 2015 registration fee.

Please understand, I don’t read from a script when I present. With that thought in mind, the text copy accompanying each slide is more or less what I said on stage.  Plus, I added some slide notes, and a snippet of text just for XMPie VDP Designers at the end of each one of my tips.

I’d love to hear your feedback so please share your comments below.