uDirect Versus PersonalEffect Print Pro: In the Boxing RingRISORSE

uDirect Versus PersonalEffect Print Pro: In the Boxing Ring


How does PersonalEffect Print Pro differ from our entry-level solution uDirect?

Obviously, they’re both XMPie solutions, and like all parents, we often proudly shout from the rooftops, boasting about both of their abilities and accomplishments. But how would they fare if they were pitted against each other say, in a boxing ring? Who would win in a real flight between uDirect and PersonalEffect Print Pro? Let’s imagine them in the ring… two brothers fighting for the championship.

uDirect vs PersonalEffect: A boxing ring analogy


Fighting out of the red corner we have uDirect, our entry-level desktop variable data print solution.

And fighting out of the blue corner we have PersonalEffect Print Pro, which brings VDP to a server platform.

uDirect is used to wiping the floor outside the ring, but it’s going to be a tough one for him here. It’ll be hard for uDirect to beat PersonalEffect Print Pro to the punch. Let’s see why.

Let’s look at how the two compare.



Creatively they’re well-matched; hard-hitters transforming static InDesign documents into dynamically rich and personalized templates. Both solutions are built on Adobe Layout Technology and use an Adobe workflow from start to finish. Both natively support color and font management, as well as specialty inks and finishing, and all InDesign effects are supported.

If it were just down to the level of creativity, we’d be witnessing a clean and fair fight. Two masters operating at an advanced level. But alas, this won’t be a fair fight because there’s a lot more to consider in the ring of variable data print!



Let’s look at how they’re matched when it comes to performance. uDirect is the David in this scenario, and PersonalEffect Print Pro is Goliath. And this is not a bible story ladies and gentlemen! uDirect is the smaller of the two, the featherweight as we classify it in the boxing world, so he’s not going to land the big hitters. And if the same job was sent to the press, uDirect would need more time. Circling the ring waiting to throw his next punch. With PersonalEffect Print, the heavyweight option, instead of generating dynamic print at the desktop, the designer can upload the job to the XMPie document composition engine – and watch it blaze through all the records.



And that’s the same scenario when it comes to volume. Like a boxer standing 2ft taller and 100 pounds heavier than his opponent, PersonalEffect Print Pro can walk all over uDirect, generating hundreds, thousands, or even millions of documents at lightning speeds.



When it comes to data-handling, it’s a similar story. PersonalEffect comes out firing, trying to throw uDirect off his game. PersonalEffect Print Pro includes uPlan, which allows users to do sophisticated work with data and logic.

So it’s clear who the winner would be in this boxing ring. And when we look at this scenario overall, this may seem like a one-sided fight.


Different Leagues

But there’s a reason that heavyweight and featherweight fighters don’t find themselves in the same ring. uDirect is a fantastic option as far as featherweight contenders go. It’s top in its class, it’s nimble, it’s quick, it’s responsive, and it comes with phenomenal creative power. It’s a great VDP tool to have in your arsenal, particularly if you’re just starting out in the world of VDP.

And don’t forget that the XMPie platform is fully scalable, which means that you can start with uDirect, add capabilities, power, and functionality as your business grows, and protect your investment all the way.


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