University of York In-Plant Ensures Future as a Cornerstone on CampusRISORSE

University of York In-Plant Ensures Future as a Cornerstone on Campus

University Design and Print business embraces Web-to-print to open print shop 24/7.

Web-to-print store helps University In-Plant stay relevant and meet the ever-growing print demands of students, faculty and staff.

It has never been more important than now for commercial services to provide high-quality and cost-effective print services that are personalized to compete with the highstreet. The days of offering simple printed materials have been replaced by the production of personalized posters, leaflets, invitations, business cards and even products like mugs or branded clothing.

Two target audience groups in particular – today’s ‘Millennial’ and ‘Generation Z’ students – are very keen to use online services. These generations expect to be able to order online and don’t want to have to physically enter a print shop or even use email ordering services to place their order.

To address these requirements, Design and Print Solutions wanted to offer a wide variety of products, both static and dynamic, from one comprehensive Web-to-print store that could target their three different audiences – students, staff and external.

Design and Print Solutions developed a Web-to-print store using XMPie’s PersonalEffect StoreFlow with Xerox FreeFlow Core – printing to their Xerox J75 and J772. The store went live in April 2015 and enabled their customers to order, customize and print virtually any type of document.

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