Using Print to Jumpstart your Multichannel CampaignRISORSE

Using Print to Jumpstart your Multichannel Campaign

With the rise of personal digital technology, consumers are connected 24/7. They determine what messages they see, when they want to see them using their preferred communication method. They are more informed, more empowered, more demanding and more mobile than ever before – sparking a common challenge for many marketers: How do you attract and retain consumers in this mobile age?

At XMPie, we’re always thinking about how we can help marketers and providers communicate more successfully with consumers and build valuable relationships with them over time. One way that is done is through multichannel marketing campaigns. By using a variety of channels spanning print, digital, social and mobile, marketers can create engaging and memorable experiences that truly leaves an impact on consumers.

When mapping out a multichannel campaign, it’s important to consider print as an important communication method. While print may not always be the primary focus for marketing campaigns these days, marketers need to recognize that it still plays a valuable role in integrated campaigns.

Think of print as the bridge to the digital world. As digital printing technology advances, capabilities like QR codes, near field communication and augmented reality are opening up new opportunities for marketers to make print interactive and coexist cohesively with digital initiatives.


We recently held a webinar with Documobi – a next generation mobile company based in the UK & US – where we discussed how to jumpstart multichannel campaigns using print. Their product DocumobiFUSE, which integrates directly with XMPie, allows all types of printed media to become a real-time digital interface between a brand and customer, creating data-driven, uniquely personalized mobile content within a brand controlled environment. The possibilities to create magical experiences for customers are endless.

This powerful integration between XMPie and DocumobiFUSE enables marketers to deliver memorable brand engagements by making all print and physical touch points interactive. Additionally, rich data and real-time insights through mobile device interaction and viral behavior allows marketers understand the impact of each campaign element. This data provides a deeper understanding about customer behaviors, needs and objectives, so campaign strategies can be altered, as needed, for future campaigns.

For providers, this opens the door to new revenue opportunities with new and current customers. For marketers, this means greater opportunities to build memorable and creative campaigns that meet consumers’ mobile demands. And finally, for consumers, this means that they can easily and seamlessly interact with brands through their preferred touchpoints.

To learn more about the XMPie and DocumobiFUSE integration and to see campaign examples in action, check out the full webinar replay here.

How are you implementing print into your multichannel campaign? Let us know in the comments below.