Virgin Holidays Guides the Tour to Their Employees’ Benefit StatementsRISORSE

Virgin Holidays Guides the Tour to Their Employees’ Benefit Statements

Benefit documents individualized with XMPie software fulfill the growing need for bridging paper and online presentment


Virgin Holidays has always prided itself on the comprehensive benefits program it offers to employees. Every year Virgin Holidays offers each employee a detailed picture of total compensation, including a list of benefits for which the employer pays all or part of the cost. By highlighting benefits such as life insurance, vacation time and any other perks offered, these statements help employees see the hidden value of their total compensation package.

In the past, they launched an annual direct mail campaign setting out each individuals’ benefit entitlement. However this type of campaign was limited in its scope and was a missed opportunity for the company to better connect with their employees. For the 2014 benefits statement campaign Virgin Holidays sought to revamp their campaign and find a way to showcase the investment it makes in its employees and help them to understand the full value of their employee benefits.

This new campaign needed to adhere to Virgin Holiday’s brand guidelines and be designed with security in mind so that there could be no unauthorized access to confidential employee information.

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