XMPie Announces “Omnichannel A/B”, Bringing Email A/B Testing to Omnichannel CommunicationsRISORSE

XMPie Announces “Omnichannel A/B”, Bringing Email A/B Testing to Omnichannel Communications

XMPie, a Xerox Company, will showcase its new Omnichannel A/B capability of its leading Circle SaaS offering, at Print 17, Chicago.  With Omnichannel A/B, XMPie takes the best practice methodology of A/B Testing and applies it to integrated multichannel communications to maximize response rates and increase campaign ROI.

XMPie’s Omnichannel A/B uses ‘split testing’ to compare multiple variants (up to 5) of an email touchpoint for a sample audience. The solution measures the user responses for each variation to statistically predict which version of the email will likely work better towards a given conversion goal, once the campaign goes “live” to the wider audience.

Unlike most email A/B testing solutions that only test and influence a single isolated touchpoint, XMPie’s Omnichannel A/B feature impacts the full cross media journey. The variation choices made for testing the effectiveness of the email impact all subsequent touch points in the communication stream – automatically ensuring consistent, relevant and engaging omnichannel customer journeys. Once the winning choice is made, the system will automatically engage the wider audience with the winning variation of the omnichannel journey. While A/B Testing is a popular concept, its seamless integration into individualized multichannel communications, preserving consistency through all following touch points, is unique and highly valuable.

The feature’s ease-of-use and automation will empower marketers to make statistically sound decisions when deploying a targeted and individualized multichannel marketing campaign.

As marketing shifts quickly to Customer Experiences and Journeys, Omnichannel engagement — which is all about consistency across the multichannel journey — is becoming critical. With Omnichannel A/B, the well-known practice of A/B Testing is integrated into multichannel communications environments while preserving, automatically, the Omnichannel flavor of the customer experience. This makes A/B Testing of email, a realistic and effective choice for designing Omnichannel experiences.” said Jacob Aizikowitz, president of XMPie.

Omnichannel A/B will be showcased at Print 17.  XMPie will be exhibiting at the Xerox Booth 1302.  Demonstrations can be booked in advance via the XMPie website.