XMPie Announces uStore 8 — A mobile-ready version of its Web-to-Print solutionRISORSE

XMPie Announces uStore 8 — A mobile-ready version of its Web-to-Print solution

CHICAGO, Sept 4, 2013 – XMPie®, A Xerox Company, and a leading provider of software solutions for Individualized Communications Management (ICM), is announcing version 8.0 of its uStore software for creating Web-to-Print and enterprise marketing portal solutions.

uStore enables print providers, creative agencies, and corporate marketing departments to quickly build and deploy Web portals for ordering and customizing virtually any type of document. Visitors to uStore-created websites can upload their own documents and submit them for processing – or choose a document template from the web portal’s catalog, customize and personalize it and then submit for processing. Hybrid workflows that uniquely combine user-submitted static documents with dynamic documents selected from the catalog are supported as well.

uStore 8 – the core software component of PersonalEffect StoreFlow offerings and the Web-to-print optional add-on to any XMPie Turn-key or Platform configuration – features several new and exciting capabilities:

  • Mobile-friendly portal design allows customers to conveniently access a store from any popular mobile device. The entire e-commerce experience is tailored to the look, feel and usability of a touchscreen, increasing availability and productivity.
  • Wizard-based Skin creation customizes the portal experience to match the needs of the brand being served. With only a few keystrokes, store administrators can create a store, upload a logo and choose a theme color.
  • Cross-media campaigns consisting of a print or an email piece with a companion PURL, can be ordered, customized, and personalized from a uStore-created Web portal. This capability is ideal for organizations with multiple locations, allowing agents, branch managers, or franchisees to customize corporate-prepared marketing pieces for each location or branch.
  • Document file submission from external online sources has been put in place for enabling the development of content-uploading plug-ins, which allow visitors to import documents from content management systems and cloud-based document storage portals, such as Xerox DocuShare, Microsoft Sharepoint, Box.net and others.
  • Improved user access management across store portals enables service providers to create and control visitor access to multiple store portals – each isolated from the other with separate user access-rights and all from the very same one platform.

“XMPie is committed to enhancing the business-generating power of the uStore solution,” said Jacob Aizikowitz, president of XMPie. “As a Web-to-print subsystem of our server-class solution for digital media personalization, uStore enables our customers to create highly differentiated and valuable portal solutions, generate more revenue and strengthen their overall business relationships with their customers.”

XMPie uStore 8 will be released in Q1 2014 and made available free of charge to all existing uStore customers who are current with their maintenance and support agreement. uStore will be on display in Xerox booth No. 1202at PRINT 13, Sept 8-12 in Chicago.

For more information on uStore and other XMPie solutions that drive 1:1 multichannel marketing solutions, please visit www.xmpie.com.

XMPie®, A Xerox Company, is a leading provider of software solutions for Individualized Communications Management (ICM); XMPie software uniquely integrates digital media and digital marketing disciplines for unprecedented ROIs on customer relationship management and 1:1 communications investments.  From the creation and production of personalized content in digital print and digital media — including email, and Web —  to the delivery of marketing portals, marketing automation and campaign management solutions, XMPie offers print service providers and marketers everything they need to provide highly-impactful campaigns that deliver superior response rates with dramatic ROI.