XMPie to Showcase Campaigns-On-Demand at AlphaGraphics 2017 Annual ConferenceRISORSE

XMPie to Showcase Campaigns-On-Demand at AlphaGraphics 2017 Annual Conference

XMPie, a Xerox Company, today announced it will be showcasing its award-winning Campaigns-on-Demand feature at the coming AlphaGraphics 2017 Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Campaigns-on-Demand (“CoD”), winner of a 2016 Graph Expo MUST SEE ‘EM award, brings to market two key innovations:

  1. It makes it possible to create templates for full campaigns rather than just a single touch point in a campaign; and
  2. It enables selecting such campaign-templates from a portal, creating a campaign by customizing and personalizing the campaign-template, and then launching the resulting campaign and even monitoring its performance.

CoD brings innovative XMPie Circle technology to XMPie Web-to-print. This makes using CoD a natural move for the AlphaGraphics Franchisees who are already using XMPie software and plan to venture into Cross Media and Marketing Services.

With CoD, the AlphaGraphics network of Franchisees, as well as the AlphaGraphics Headquarters, can also now create best practice Multichannel Communications campaigns, and make them available as starter-kits to help Franchisees offer multichannel and marketing services to their customers.

“We know that to win in the marketplace, Franchisees need to transform themselves and become providers of marketing services and not just print; this is the vision behind agOnline. XMPie software and now its Campaigns-on-Demand capability, makes the drive towards this vision much more practical and realistic,” said Aaron Grohs, President of AlphaGraphics.

XMPie President, Jacob Aizikowitz, will be a speaker at the AlphaGraphics Conference which will take place August 2-5 at Walt Disney World, Florida. The event for Franchisees of AlphaGraphics includes educational sessions, networking events and a trade show.

“Our mission is to make practicing multichannel communications, with a mix of Print and Digital touch points, a well-understood, structured, and professionally-friendly task. With that, we help users of our technology create engaging omnichannel customer-experiences, which deliver winning ROIs for marketing and communications executives,” said Jacob Aizikowitz, President of XMPie. “We are proud to be in full alignment with the AlphaGraphics vision to enable their Franchisees to lead in the marketplace with innovative and compelling marketing services, reaching way beyond basic print services.”