XMPie uStore 5.0 Brings Enterprise-Class Capabilities to Fast-Growing Web-To-Print and Business Web Portals MarketRISORSE

XMPie uStore 5.0 Brings Enterprise-Class Capabilities to Fast-Growing Web-To-Print and Business Web Portals Market

NEW YORK, Sept. 6, 2011 – XMPie®, A Xerox Company, is now releasing uStore® 5.0, an upgrade to its personalized marketing portal and Web-to-print solution, and a component of its leading PersonalEffect® software platform for Individualized Communications Management (ICM).

“Market data shows that enterprises are moving budgets to create self-managed, Web-based business portals, gaining improved operational efficiencies and increased communication effectiveness. uStore 5.0, with its PersonalEffect platform, brings to market enterprise-class capabilities for creating and maintaining such portals,” said Idan Youval, product manager, Business Portals, XMPie. “The key new functions of version five are critical for customers looking to increase order volume originated online, reduce costs, and obtain better control of users and corporate policy standards.”

Several new features make business Web portals developed with XMPie uStore even more secure and user-friendly for browsing, selecting, customizing and ordering dynamic print documents and email campaigns. Version 5.0 introduces the ability for the portal owner to define and manage approval processes—a critical business workflow. The defined approver or group of approvers is given automatic notification via email that an order requires their approval before production. They are then prompted to login and review the order details and proof, and either accept or reject the order. A rejected order, accompanied by approvers’ notes, bounces back to the individual who initiated the order, who can then make the required changes and resubmit.

Another key new function of uStore 5.0 is split shipping, which allows for items within an order to be shipped to different addresses, or any item may be split by quantity. Portal owners can also define several print service providers and assign them to different documents in the portal. As the print providers ship the items from different locations, the order will automatically be split to several shipments.

In addition, uStore now allows password policies to be set up for each storefront. The uStore administrator has the ability to define the password format, the expiration period, policy for reuse of previously used passwords, and number of incorrect login attempts before an account is locked.

uStore 5.0 is now available worldwide. For more information about the new features of this upgrade, in addition to other enhancements involving taxation, receipt templates, proofing and order history, please call 212-479-5166 or visit www.xmpie.com.

All of XMPie’s current products, including uStore 5.0 and PersonalEffect 5.3, will be on display at GRAPH EXPO 2011 Sept. 11-14 in XMPie booth #400.