XMPie uStore Solution Improves Efficiency, Productivity of U.K. Government PortalRISORSE

XMPie uStore Solution Improves Efficiency, Productivity of U.K. Government Portal

Leveraging XMPie’s PersonalEffect® and uStore®, the Xerox team developed a new portal and a revised suite of document templates. The use of the XMPie technology foundation enabled the Xerox team to create compelling, creative, eye-catching document templates, while at the same time providing an easy-to-use, intuitive process for the customer’s staff to select, customize, and order marketing materials and collateral online.

To ensure all staff has access to branded, configurable print products, such as stationery, business cards, event invitations, and other template-driven, customized marketing collateral, the large U.K. public sector uses an enterprise Web portal to enable staff members to select, customize and acquire products from preferred vendors. The solution the customer had been using offered about 200 configurable products to approximately 1,500 users, but was outdated, slow to load, and gave limited views of the document throughout the customization process. In addition to improved functionality, the customer needed a next generation solution that would fulfill the needs of its broad user base by being simple to use by office managers while meeting government accessibility requirements, yet feature-rich and flexible for developing fairly complex marketing pieces. Furthermore, process and data security needed to be airtight with the new system to safeguard sensitive, personal information on the department’s employees.

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