Demo Room
Experience the power of VDP!
Personalize holiday cards, posters,
calendars, event kits & more
Labels and Packaging
A web-to-print demo store for the
labels and packaging industry
XMPie Web Site
Explore what you can do with XMPie
Pressocup Storefront
A web-to-print shop created by the
corporate headquarters of a retail
enterprise for the marketing needs
of their franchises
Banco De Euro Storefront
A typical web-to-print shop for the
banking and financial services
market segment
Gallant University Storefront
For the higher education market,
a web-to-print, e-commerce demo store

Pressocup Campaigns
A wide range of demo campaigns
for the retail market segment
Banco De Euro Circle
A Circle campaign for the banking and
financial services market segment
Gallant University Circle
Using Circle to show a university
student acquisition campaign with a
personalized prospectus
LIV Wedding Photographer
Create dynamic coupons from
interacting with the LIV Poster
and registering live on the website.
PressoCup Boxes
Brand to Consumer Box Demo
with personalized coupons
Marsaili Skincare
Cosmetics Brand to Consumer
with personalized coupons

ZIG Insurance
ZIG Travel Insurance delivers
a personalized travel
handbook on demand
My Flowers Campaign
My Flowers Demo Campaign in Circle
Northerland Catalog Demo
Personalized catalogs with
personalized offers are part of this

Interactive PDF
Turn your PDF interactive!
Add graphic navigation, embedded
videos, and links to personalized web
pages to spice up your PDFs.
Iridesse-ready: The Cintilar
Summer Catalog and the Cintilar
abandoned cart postcard lead recipients
to personalized webpages.
Unique Travel
Travel agency marketing campaign with
personalized brochures and triggered
direct mail pieces.

SeeYouSoon Video Campaign
Viral on-demand personalized video
campaign, spanning email, web
and print with personalized images
and video.
XMPie Marketplace
Personalized images
for print, email and Web
Proposal Generator
Create sales proposals
for your customers
uDirect Desktop VDP
Watch this 5-minute video to see for
yourself how easy it is to create
personalized designs
XMPie Resource Library
XMPie Resource on the
XMPie Web site
XMPie Campus
XMPie Campus is the home for
XMPie training materials

XMPie was founded with a vision to integrate the world of print and electronic media and make it easier for our customers to create and produce personalized communications.

Download the standalone Flash demo to demonstrate the Banco De Euro story here.
Download the standalone Flash demo to demonstrate the Gallant University story here.
Download the standalone Flash demo to demonstrate the Pressocup Customer Life Cycle Story here.

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