Pressocup Corporate Web Site
See how a corporate Web site can be
personalized with relevant information
Lead Nurturing
An email campaign to educate the
customer about the product
New Customer Registration
Register a new customer with
a serial number
Subscription Campaign
Entice customers to subscribe to
your products with a personalized video
New Flavor Promotion
A cross media campaign to
promote a new offering
Personalized Bags
Order a personalized coffee bag
with your own meaningful message

Upsell Campaign
Use cross media to offer your
customers an upgrade of their products
A cross media campaign where
customers become advocates of
the brand

XMPie was founded with a vision to integrate the world of print and electronic media and make it easier for our customers to create and produce personalized communications.

Download the standalone Flash demo to demonstrate the Pressocup Customer Life Cycle Story here.

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