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Transform your business by offering complete marketing programs with Circle.

The only omnichannel communications solution bringing together a marketing automation workflow and individualized content​.

2018 InterTech Technology Award Recipient

Circle PersonalEffect Edition

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"Judges were struck by Circle's power, respect for print options, and the unique integration of marketing workflow and design content."
James Workman
vice president for PIA’s Center for Technology and Research

What is Circle?

Circle PersonalEffect Edition is software for designing, deploying, automating and measuring personalized omnichannel marketing campaigns.


Illustrate omnichannel campaign structure and content.


Enable discussion and sharing between all campaign stakeholders.


Implement integrated campaign flows that connect 3rd party systems.


Schedule and automate campaigns


Track, measure and view performance metrics and KPIs.

The campaign flow

At the heart of Circle is a customer journey diagram articulating the flow of the customer experience, including touch points, filters, and design specifications.

What our customers say

Product Briefing from PODi

PODi 2018

Watch the new Circle Product Briefing from PODi.

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Explore an overview of Circle along with a brief demonstration of how to plan a campaign using the Circle canvas.

Discover how to add content and preview campaign touchpoints once Circle is connected to the XMPie server.

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Please accept statistics, marketing cookies to watch this video.

Find out how to specify start dates and event- or action-based triggers and how to save campaigns as one-offs or as templates to be sold as pre-fab campaigns in XMPie StoreFlow storefronts. 

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