Meet the Team at the XMPie 2021 Innovation Sessions – 6 October 2021RESOURCES

Meet the Team at the XMPie 2021 Innovation Sessions – 6 October 2021


Get up close and personal (virtually of course!) with the XMPie Product Managers as they share their key product innovations over the past 18 months.

Want to know all about the latest XMPie product features and how they benefit you and your customers? Curious about what’s coming next? Join us for the 2021 Innovation Session!

Hear from the XMPie Product leaders as they walk you through all the new features that have been rolled out across the XMPie Platform and share use cases for applying the releases in your day-to-day business.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

– How StoreFlow Web-to-Print is evolving with uStore NG Technology
– New MarketPlace offerings for Personalized images and uStore Themes
– The latest Circle Automation updates and deployments
– What’s coming next for the XMPie Email Service
– Adding SMS to your offerings
– Getting the most out of the uProduce Personalization Engine
– Editing and defining uPlan business rules and logic directly within Visual Studio Code
– How to add Personalized Videos to your campaigns with the XMPie Video Personalization Service
– Integrating the core functionality of uProduce with your existing web services API
– Meet our experts, ask questions, and learn how to benefit from these innovations in your business!

This event will be beneficial for XMPie customers and Print and Marketing Service Providers, Agencies, SMBs, and Enterprises across every industry vertical.

Here are some links to extra resources mentioned in the session:

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