Modern VDP – What, Why, How, and What’s NextRESOURCES

Modern VDP – What, Why, How, and What’s Next

Transforming VDP Into a Media That Supports Fine-Grained, Unconstrained, and Highly Creative Variability

In this White Paper, Jacob Aizikowitz, a founder of XMPie and its leader until retiring in mid-2019, discusses Modern VDP, covering the vision behind it, the innovations and developments that materialized it, and its impact on making print-media a viable channel for modern communications and customer experiences.

Modern VDP enabled refined, unconstrained, and creative variability, which was a revolutionary break away from the existing VDP practice at the time. Combined with on-line access to data and scripting, it enabled print to work, together with digital, in the spaces of Marketing Automation and Customer Experience Management (CXM), both large and fast-growing markets. Implementing Modern VDP emerged as a major challenge, and the paper covers in detail the major obstacles and the innovations required for overcoming them.

This paper weaves together the needs, the challenges, the innovations, and the developments that envisioned Modern VDP and brought it to life. It also provides background on related disciplines (e.g., Desktop Publishing, Legacy VDP, and CXM), making it easier for the reader to grasp the context upon which Modern VDP grew and emerged, as well as its interaction and relevancy to other disciplines.

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