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Morphing from a Print Vendor into an Orchestrator of Omnichannel Campaigns


Think of the last promotional email you got. You probably won’t be able to remember what it was. Same goes for the banner ad on top of your favorite news site or the flyer that waited for you this morning in your mailbox.

We can all relate to this: most consumers simply don’t like to be sold to, and simply ignore the promotional messages that appear on their doorstep, inbox or screen.

Now think of the last time you were in the market for a car, a house or a new school for your kids. In this case, you’re not just more attuned to marketing content about these topics – you also expect the world to revolve around your decision process. You expect the seller to know you, your budget and preferences – and provide you with just the information that’s relevant for you at each step of the purchasing journey.

That’s the kind of experience that an omnichannel campaign delivers. It combines consistent and cohesive messaging across all communication channels that revolve around the customer, providing them with the information they want – exactly when they need it.

The key for effective omnichannel campaigns is focusing on the relevance and timing of each campaign element throughout the customer journey. This is exactly what XMPie PersonalEffect TransMedia helps you deliver: it enables you to plan, launch and manage an integrated, personalized campaign across email, print, web pages and text messages.

Let’s say your customer is a regional car dealership looking for ways to promote its 4th of July sales event. Using PersonalEffect TransMedia, you can run a campaign that starts with billboard advertising promoting the event and highlighting the dealer’s website. Once on the website, a pop-up appears offering an exclusive discount on the day of the sale. To get this discount, users need to complete their contact details and select a vehicle model they may be interested in. Later, those who shared their contact details receive a printed, personalized brochure with their discount code. It also invites them to test drive the vehicle model they expressed interest in: using a printed QR code, prospects can directly book their test drive. Shortly before the scheduled test drive, a reminder text message is sent to confirm their attendance.

Since every element in the campaign is measurable, you can optimize it on the fly, removing campaign elements that fail to yield the expected response. With leads being nurtured and tracked throughout the entire sales funnel, you know exactly how many of them turned out to be marketing qualified leads or even resulted in an actual sale. Think of it: you can provide your customer with a concrete price tag for each sale coming from the campaign and a clear ROI for all its components.

Note that the print piece in this example is just one element in an omnichannel campaign. As a professional service provider using PersonalEffect TransMedia, you can elevate your role in the campaign, from a vendor of print materials into the initiator and orchestrator of a multi-channel campaign.

This change requires a mind shift. It entails broadening your scope, seeing the big picture of your customer’s goals and individual consumer buying journey. Service providers who wish to step up their game need to develop a holistic view of the entire campaign and own each component of it, seeing beyond glossy leaflets onto the value proposition of the campaign.

This transition takes plenty of effort, and never happens overnight. Being able to craft an omnichannel campaign requires developing deep knowledge of your customer: understanding its market position, opportunities and pain points. The best way to make this transition is in partnering with your customers, initiating campaign ideas together and assisting them in creating an omnichannel strategy that meets their needs and budget. Service providers that succeed in this transformation get a significant reward, in the form of higher profit margins, increased retention and much greater campaign impact. Most importantly: they morph from a vendor of a commoditized service into the customer’s trusted partner and advisor. And that’s something that no single print job can deliver.

The current market conditions force business owners to communicate with their customers in new ways, often using digital channels they haven’t used before. Within this challenge, an opportunity lies for service providers who can offer both print and digital touchpoints and adjust the customer journey to meet changing media preferences. The potential for true omnichannel marketing seems now greater than ever before.

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