Personalized videos get noticed, evoke actions, and translate into results

Generate new business opportunities and stand out from the competition.


Any type of customer data can be personalized within the video.

Incorporate variable text, images, and other footage with exciting special effects like animate, wiggle, shatter, blur, warp, distort, and more.

Variable content is intelligently imported from a linked data source.

Automatically render batches of dynamic movies, one for each record in the data source.

Animated Video Maps based on geo data can be incorporated.

Target local geographical areas and optimize content impact on a global scale.

Each video has a unique URL for multichannel campaign integration.   Share your movies anywhere - youtube, vimeo or on any other hosting solution.

Discover how your recipients are interacting with your video in real time. 

Personalized Still Images created with uImage can be embedded into the movie footage.  Even personalized videos clips can be embedded into videos.

Now Service Providers can offer personalized videos as one more offering in their portfolio of services – generating new business and higher revenue opportunities.

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