Enter the world of one-to-one communications

Create personalized, visually-rich VDP jobs on your desktop.

An XMPie Plug-in to Adobe InDesign.

Creatively blend design, data and logic using an intuitive drag and drop interface within the InDesign environment.

Supports a variety of variable data output formats.

XMPie output is neutral to the print engine and supports a wide variety of variable data output formats such as PPML, PDF, PDF/VT and more.

Offers a seamless migration path as your VDP business grows.

Compatible with uDirect Studio and the XMPie PersonalEffect server-based product line.

Any InDesign document can be personalized. Replace static graphics and text objects with dynamic images and stories that are of interest to your different customers based on simple rules or logic. Work in InDesign and output to VDP efficient output formats.

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