Add email to your multichannel campaign

Choose the right plan and integrate email into your cross-media campaigns.

Simple, yet powerful

Send one personalized email or a million.  Email delivery can be triggered by a particular action and/or sent to an entire list or subset.

Personalization at a higher level

With XMPie, data and business rules are shared across multiple channels. So, adding a fully dynamic and content driven email to your campaign is as easy as including a salutation.

Enhance your email capabilities

Ensure that your messages reach your customers' inboxes with our content filtering technologies to protect your sender reputation.

Measure your email campaign results

XMPie’s PersonalEffect Analytics, which is included in our Cross-Media configurations, allows for the tracking and reporting of all XES emails.

For all Cross Media users

Available to any XMPie customer with PersonalEffect eMedia cloud, PersonalEffect TransMedia, PersonalEffect TransMedia Pro or Enterprise Cross Media.

Different subscription plans available

Choose an XMPie Email Service (XES) plan most appropriate to expected volumes and security needs.

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