Using XMPie in the Retail Industry

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Are you looking for new ways to produce data driven communications and marketing assets that drive ROI, increase sales and boost brand power?

With the changes that the retail industry is facing today, you need a single streamlined system that simultaneously addresses point-of-sale material, direct mail, digital marketing and automation needs.

The opportunity has never been greater for you to tap into more relevant and meaningful customer communications all while remaining brand and merchandising compliant. With the right solution, you can maximize creative flexibility using design elements that make a lasting impact on your customers.


Take advantage of multichannel marketing solutions that will help you customize your promotional materials to align with timely promotions, seasonal holidays and current trends.

Read our latest Retail Industry customer success stories

Scotmid Co-operative

Scotmid Co-operative uses PersonalEffect Print to reengineer and automate the production process for creating variable data Shelf-edge Point of Sale (POS) promotions across all 200 retail stores.

Rethink CCM

Integrating XMPie software with its innovative POS technology, Rethink CCM kicks off with multichannel invitation and loyalty program launch campaign powered by PersonalEffect TransMedia Pro.

UK-based company capitalizes on pivotal moments in the sales-cycle using XMPie software to foster loyalty, improve the customer experience, increase awareness of the product range and increase sales.


Imaginarium approached Docustore to design and produce a personalised multichannel birthday marketing campaign for its Imaginarium Club loyalty card customers across all its markets.

Marsh Supermarkets

Automated sign workflow powered by XMPie at Marsh Supermarkets Automate and replace an antiquated system for creating promotional signage for each store while maintaining corporate brand consistency.

De Budelse

Personalized Chocolate Boxes Net $100,000 in a Single Holiday Season De Budelse saw an opportunity to expand their offerings and capitalize on the recent growth of the digital packaging industry by creating – a website that enabled their customers to send personalized boxes of chocolate as gifts.


XMPie-Enabled B2Me Marketing from Strategies Drives Maybelline Sales and Loyalty A series of three, highly engaging, full-color and fully personalized 20-page booklets containing cosmetics lessons, personal product recommendations, and trackable discount coupons.


Auckland DM Agency justONE realized the importance of delivering targeted mailings to the customers of their client, Farmlands. Looking at the wealth of information and data that they could incorporate into the mail piece, they decided that they needed a flexible platform like XMPie to deliver a relevant welcome pack, tailored to each individual.

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