Bring XMPie to life with these customer success stories

XMPie’s award-winning solutions are used globally by print service providers, marketers, and enterprises across every industry to automate the production of personalized communications across print and digital.

AutoPoint Automates Marketing Strategies for the Entire Customer Lifecycle

The Challenge?

Automate a large-volume, multi-channel lifecycle marketing program to allow for optimal speed and scalability.

Potts Print Saves Client 80% By Switching to Database Publishing for Catalog Production

The Challenge?

How to transform the process for creating multiple versions of a complex annual retail catalog, reduce costs, drive value, and become an indispensable service provider for the client.

Large Scottish Convenience Store Retailer Chain Saves Time and Money with XMPie Automation

The Challenge?

How to improve the production process for creating customized Shelf-edge Point of Sale (POS) ticket packages tailor-made for each of their 200 stores.

In-Plant Reduces Job Turnaround Time by 80% with Web-To-Print System

The Challenge?

How to automate the workflow for customizing and printing Point-of-Sale marketing collateral for over 70 different beer brands and give sales representatives the flexibility to order customized marketing collateral from their tablets on the road. 

Compu-Mail Grows Print Volume Twentyfold with XMPie Technology

US Print Service Provider, one of XMPie’s earliest customers, grows print volume and builds integrated marketing powerhouse offering all multichannel touchpoints including print, email and web.

PremCom Makes Customers Feel Appreciated

The Challenge?

To improve the customer experience for a referral customer acquisition program involving vouchers.

Harding University Galvanizes Alumni Generosity with Multichannel Donation Campaign

The Challenge?

To reach $75,000 in donations to Harding University through their Gather to Give 2016 multichannel campaign, targeting students and alumni using personalized, relevant communications.

Customer Retention in Retail: Delivered.

The Challenge?

How to deliver highly personalized dynamic content at the point of consumption, in order to retain customers for repeat orders.

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