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The Box is the New Billboard


The pace and disruptiveness of change in the packaging industry continues to accelerate. Read how how XMPie fits into this printing sector and how to offer high value to your packaging customers.

In the third episode of our recent Podcast conference, The Future of Print: From Physical to Digital, David Baldaro from XMPie and Lewis Evans from Vivid Laminating Technologies joined Deborah Corn to discuss the potential of digitally printing packaging, the messaging and engagement opportunity it presents for marketers and the technologies that enable print business and print customer success. This conference was presented as a Podcasts From The Printerverse Conference Series.

If you haven’t been living on a desert island, you will have noticed the rapid and profound transformation currently affecting the packaging industry. The pace and disruptiveness of change continues to accelerate, reinforced by substrate choice changes, sustainability concerns, a shift to online shopping habits, digitization, and process automation.

There has never been a more exciting time to take advantage of this high-growth market opportunity. So to get you started, I’ll add to our packaging discussion in the podcast by sharing how XMPie fits into this printing sector and how we can help you offer high value to your packaging customers.

There’s a lot to unpack, so let’s get started.

Customize the Package with XMPie’s plugin to Adobe InDesign

With its template-based inside-adobe workflow, package customization with XMPie software has never been easier. You can serve your clients faster and offer more variations, personalization, and sizes.

Instead of designing 35 different packages for a product that comes in 35 different varieties, isn’t it smarter – and faster – to use one design and produce different versions? By working with Adobe Illustrator, for core design, or Adobe InDesign, for layout and composition, you can use XMPie plugins to add customized elements. SKUs and barcodes can be customized per version in the same way as product varieties, logos, colors or languages.

Like any other print communication, packaging can be customized with XMPie software to increase marketing effectiveness and production efficiency.

Bring the Package to Life with Finishing Techniques

Pack even more value into your packaging by designing for finishing effects like lamination, digital foiling, spot colors or UV effects and many more. Again, because XMPie works inside Adobe InDesign, these effects can be customized differently for each version you produce, including versioning within the effect to draw attention to the personalized elements. XMPie doesn’t intervene in layout or color decisions; no separate format conversation is required.

Like the stronger emotional response felt by the consumer who receives a personalized product, adding a finishing effect will help them appreciate the product’s value and connect with the brand at a higher level.

Think outside the box!

How can you maximize the package’s potential to give your audience even more? No longer a mere container or simply a billboard with customized messaging, the package can take the consumer on a digital experience.

Add a QR code to the design or embed an NFC chip to invite the consumer onto a landing page or social channel and welcome them into your ecosystem to continue the conversation electronically. Even if the box isn’t personalized, when the consumer reaches the website, offer a product deal, discount code, or other incentives. In return, you’ll succeed in delivering a more sophisticated consumer experience.

Increase Speed to Market with an eCommerce Workflow

Top performers make speed to market a top priority, which can be a critical differentiator between you and your competition.

Put packaging templates on your online ordering system, just like you’re already doing with your other print products, to close the gap between production and the end consumer. Web-to-Pack reduces the cost of acquiring and fulfilling orders by automating the process from start to finish. Its numerous benefits include a complete end-to-end Adobe workflow, advanced personalization capabilities, and built-in pre-press automation – no minimum order quantities are required. Let your customers order low-volume, high-quality packaging fast at affordable rates.

You can even display dynamic products in 3D and present the finished product to your customer as it would look in real life – including material selection and finishing options.

Through our partnerships with companies like Vivid and other print press manufacturers, we are working hard to demonstrate the new possibilities of digital packaging and labeling. Learn about this exciting industry and challenge us – get in touch below, and we’ll help you to grab this opportunity for your business success.