The Twins Campaign – Spot the Difference – Featuring Fuji XeroxRESOURCES

The Twins Campaign – Spot the Difference – Featuring Fuji Xerox

The 1:1 Experience Service reaches record-breaking highs with a revolutionary multichannel marketing campaign

The Challenge:

Raising the Bar on Multichannel Marketing sophisticated and integrated one-to-one cross-channel campaigns. The second aim was to demonstrate that even with limited data, high levels of data collection and accuracy are achievable with strategic actions. A groundbreaking solution for a tough audience. Finally, the campaign sought to successfully engage Singapore’s hard-to-reach and busy C-level people, such as decision makers and influencers of both creative agencies and corporate marketing departments. The prestige of the target market posed a considerable challenge: these B2B clients had the highest standards in advertising, used gatekeepers to sort through material, and allotted only a few seconds to glance through advertisements. The campaign would have to be fresh yet relevant to significantly raise the bar in multichannel marketing.

Putting themselves to the test.

In April 2011, Fuji Xerox utilised its own 1:1 Experience to launch and promote their newest solution, The 1:1 Experience Service. Playing the part of its own service provider, the 1:1 Experience team engaged in a daring campaign, enlisting the help of certified partners F5 Digital Engagement and Wired Pente.

Demonstrating market leadership.

Entitled TWINS Campaign: Spot the Difference, the campaign drew upon the metaphor of twins, showing that if even twins sharing the same genetic makeup possess differences between them, then every customer must be approached and understood as a distinct individual.  The 1to1 marketing campaign was built using a set of only four data variables. Ambitious in scope, it aimed for several goals: the first was to position Fuji Xerox as an advanced provider of Maximising limited data. The campaign worked with only four data sets—less information than is found in the average business card. From four simple data, 16 segments were created to uniquely reach out to each of the 6,200 subscribers of Marketing Magazine.

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