Transform Your Document Ordering with a Marketing Portal with Built-in VDP featuresRESOURCES

Transform Your Document Ordering with a Marketing Portal with Built-in VDP features


Today, many enterprises are using Variable Data Printing (VDP) to deliver customized enterprise communications to their customers in clever, relevant ways.

VDP is often used for mass personalization production such as processing multiple records to target different individuals in a direct mail piece and printing one large batch as the final output.

But what if you need, as enterprises often do, more complex, data-driven and tailored documents in smaller volumes and on-demand?

With XMPie technology, you can do it both ways.  XMPie can be used for large batch projects and small on-demand jobs.  Our VDP software marries design with rules and data-driven content – such as varying images, text, character styles and colors – enabling the creation of highly flexible, creative documents. Our Web-to-print software with built-in VDP features enables you to create customized, on-demand documents so you can produce the amount you need, to your specifications, at any point in time.

Below we’re going to walk through a recent example that we featured in a recent webinar to show how the Unum Group used our software to transform its document ordering workflow for its sales agents.

Marketing on Demand with Unum

The Unum Group is a large enterprise in the Insurance Industry providing financial protection benefits via the workplace in the United States and the United Kingdom. Unum’s employee benefits portfolio helps protect millions of working people and their families in the event of illness or injury.

Their product portfolio includes over 11,000 insurance product marketing documents. This collateral includes a variety of static, generic materials that are created, printed, warehoused and distributed.

They needed to find a way to transform their workflow for producing their insurance product marketing collateral including how to simplify the process for agents and internal resources, make insurance products more consumer-friendly, and drive the shift from print to digital.

Unum turned to XMPie for help. XMPie’s Web-to-Print software, PersonalEffect StoreFlow, has built-in VDP features, so Unum was able to quickly build and deploy a marketing portal for their sales agents to access and produce customized enterprise communications on-the-fly.

Say Goodbye to Static, Generic Collateral

By using XMPie software their agents can now create customized enterprise communications PDF documents on-the-fly by supplying all the customization parameters by which to create the document, automatically, on-brand at the exact point they are needed.  Each agent has access to one customizable document per insurance product instead of hundreds of static documents to improve the experience for both agents and consumers.

Watch the webinar replay to learn more about how Unum:

  • Simplified the process for their independent sales agents
  • Added capability to personalize and customize documents
  • Made their insurance products easier for consumers to understand
  • Reduced their print dependency and driving the shift from print to digital
  • Avoided the problem of materials being outdated or wrong too quickly

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