Introduction to uStore

XMPie uStore allows print service providers (PSP), creative agencies, and corporate marketing departments to quickly build e-commerce–enabled stores for ordering everything from personalized documents to email programs and customized point-of-purchase materials. uStore makes it simple to set up branded, Web-to-Print applications without involving programmers. It allows users to tailor the pricing, preferences, permissions, design customization, and print parameters to fit each customer.

You can set up as many online stores as you like. Each store can have its own branding, its own Web pages, and its own customized document ordering process - to best match the specific needs of the users that will access it. An intuitive and flexible administrative tool provides an easy-to-use wizard that helps set up and define each Web store. Your customers or users will then be able to access their dedicated online stores, upload recipient lists for each print job, customize the document, place an order, set shipping options, and process payment.

For example, a national travel agency can use uStore to set up an online portal for its regional agents, offering the agents the ability to send out a personalized postcard Campaign to local clients. The agency will first prepare the postcard design template and Campaign personalization business rules using any of XMPie Variable Data Publishing products. The agency can then use uStore to create a corporate store, based on these materials. Regional agents will then be able to access the corporate online store and select the desired postcard template. They can then upload their own regional recipient lists, customize the postcard design to the degree of customization specified by the administrator who set up the store (for example, upload a graphic image of a new trip destination to replace the one in the original template or change a text title), and then place the order for print. The resulting deliverables are on demand, regionally customized, and recipient targeted, marketing materials.

uStore is an add-on product that seamlessly integrates with all of XMPie’s Variable Data Publishing (VDP) products: uDirect® Professional, uProduce™ and uPlan™.

uStore consists of two applications, one used by the store’s customers and the other used by the store’s administrators:

      uStore Storefront:  allows customers (typically agents or print buyers) to shop for documents in online stores created by uStore administrators.

      uStore Back Office: allows administrators (typically representatives of the printer) to set up and manage online stores, define and manage the store’s users, and handle the orders received from the uStore Storefront application. This online help system contains a description of the uStore Back Office application.

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