Last Updated: May 04,2014

New Features

XMPie® is pleased to announce the latest release of the uStore® software.

uStore provides the new features and enhancements described below:

Version 8.0.2

This version includes several new features in uEdit HD.

uEdit HD: Color Picker Enhancement

It is possible to choose CMYK values and define the Tint for text, background color, etc.

uEdit HD: Manual Definition of Width and Height

It is possible to manually define the width and height of images in percentage.

uEdit HD: Line Spacing Definition for Text

It is possible to define the leading, which is the space between text lines.

Version 8.0.1

This version is a maintenance release of version 8.0. It provides bug fixes in FedEx label creation (manual override) and in JDF creation.

Version 8.0

Mobile-friendly Portal Design

Mobile-friendly portal design allows end-customers to conveniently browse and purchase products from a web-to-print storefront from any popular mobile device. The entire e-commerce experience is tailored to the size and usability of a touchscreen, increasing availability and accessibility of products and services.

uEdit HD: New HTML-based Version of uEdit

A new HTML-based version of uEdit replaces the previously used Flash version. Web browsers and mobile devices supporting HTML 5 technology will benefit from an improved user interface and other enhanced features.

uEdit HD adds support for visibility layers and customization variables on top of Content Objects and allows uploading images directly from the uEdit interface.

In addition, uEdit HD further improves the reliability of document preview by displaying resolved Content Object values instead of Content Object names. The document is now displayed with the default values of the sample recipient used to run the Proof.

The uEdit HD editing capabilities are now controlled via two display modes: Simple and Advanced. The Simple Mode allows the user to edit  the existing objects whereas the Advanced Mode also allows the user to add and remove objects as well as edit shapes.

Store visitors who are using a web browser that does not support HTML 5 will be redirected to the Flash-based version of uEdit.

For more information on uEdit HD, see the uEdit HD User Guide.

Note: The Flash-based version of uEdit is deprecated and starting from the next version it will no longer be supported.

Custom JavaScript Editor

With a new uStore Custom JavaScript Editor, you can easily customize the look and feel of your store by adding rich, interactive content. JavaScript allows you to create highly responsive interfaces that improve the user experience and provide dynamic functionality. To add a custom JavaScript code to your store, open the store page, and select Store Setting>Custom JavaScript Editor. In the Custom JavaScript Editor window, paste your JavaScript code.

Exporting Order Information in a cXML Format

cXML is a world-wide XML standard in the MIS industry enabling communication between e-commerce and MIS systems.  Administrators  can now export Order Information in either an XMPie's proprietary comprehensive schema or a cXML format. Exporting the Order Information in cXML allows you to integrate the order fulfillment process with external systems, such as MIS, finance and production automation systems. For more information about cXML, see

Chronological Sorting for Dropdown Lists and Radio Buttons

In addition to alphabetical and numerical sorting, you can now sort the values in the Dropdown lists and Radio buttons chronologically by selecting the Creation time option in the Sorting field.

New Input Control for Image Selection

A modern looking, mobile-friendly Gallery Image Selector intends to replace the old image selection Input Controls. The new image selector comes with an up-to-date user interface, does not use pop-up windows (that are often blocked by browser popup blockers) and is designed to display a large amount of images. In addition to the capabilities offered by the other image selectors (such as, selecting, uploading or cropping images), the Gallery Image Selector offers customers enhanced editing capabilities. For example, customers can adjust brightness and contrast, flip and rotate images and control the image opacity. The Gallery Image Selector allows you to select existing images or upload images from your computer. Other image controls, including the Extended Image Pop-up Selector, are deprecated and will be removed starting from the next version.

Document File Submission from External Document Repositories

uStore allows you to define external document repositories that can be used for uploading Composite Products. It will allow visitors to import documents from File System based content management systems, such as Xerox DocuShare and Microsoft Sharepoint. An administrator sets up the repository location and which file types can be uploaded. He can also decide whether the store visitor can change the order of the pages or edit product properties on specific pages of the uploaded file. The store visitors will be able to upload documents from these repositories when ordering a Composite Product.

Using the uStore SDK you can also develop your own content-uploading plug-ins, and allow visitors to import documents from any local, remote or cloud-based source.

Support for Print or Email Documents with a Personalized URL

Cross-media campaigns consisting of a print piece or an email, with an associated personalized URL, can be ordered, customized, and personalized from a uStore-driven web portal. This capability is ideal for organizations that want to allow turn-key, multi-touch campaigns to be ordered by agents, branch managers, or franchisees while allowing users to personalize corporate-prepared marketing pieces that adhere to brand standards.

Adding a personalized URL is supported for Dynamic Print and Email Documents. The personalized URL is available for sites created using XMPie RURL Wizard.

New Clearing Methods: AuthorizeNET and MultiSafepay

uStore added two new clearing models that can be used for order payment.  This extends the uStore clearing models support by adding more payment options (such as check by phone), ensuring smooth integration with more accounting systems and potentially reducing credit card clearance fees.

Please note that bank transfer is not supported for these two clearing methods in uStore 8.0.

Setting Up User Details Fields

You can now customize the appearance of the User Setup page in the user-facing Storefront and the administrator’s Back Office dashboard. The Presets tab contains the new User Details Setup option where you can select and configure the fields required for user definition. uStore contains a list of pre-defined system fields and allows you to define up to five custom fields. All those fields, including the custom fields, can be used as pre-defined populated values in customization values.

The properties "Birthday" and "Gender" have been also added to the User Details page.

The Importing users feature now also includes  default Billing and Shipping addresses.

User Assignment to a Store

In previous versions, once a user registered to a particular store, that user's email was automatically associated with all stores and could not be used to register to another store.

In this version, an administrator may choose to associate a user’s email with a particular store, so the user will be able to use the same email address to register to other stores.

Downloading  and Printing a Job Ticket

You can now download a job ticket as a Word document or print it to have a physical copy ("slip-sheet").  To customize the job ticket template, go to Presets >System Setup> Message template and edit the Create Printed Job ticket on new Order Creation template.

Support for English (UK) Localization

uStore has extended its multilingual offering by adding support for the en-GB locale for both Storefront and Back Office.

Support for Xerox FreeFlow Core 3.0

uStore supports the new version of Xerox FreeFlow  - FreeFlow Core 3.0.

Accessing uProduce from uStore

Accessing uProduce from uStore is now easier. You can configure the Presets menu in the uStore Back Office to display a link to uProduce. Adding the link to uProduce is done in Presets >System Setup> Mall table.