uStore Release Notes

Version 9.2 (4651) released March 6, 2018

See also What’s New in uStore

  1. Added: GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.

  2. Added: When previewing an email of an XM Campaign product in the Storefront, the shopper can now send a proof of the email to an email address, in addition to viewing it in the browser.

  3. Added: Support for Xerox FreeFlow Core Please refer to FreeFlow Core release notes.

  4. Changed: uStore does not support Office 365.

  5. Known issue: When a store is set to be GDPR compliant, once a USAData recipient list is deleted, reordering a product in the Storefront is no longer possible and results in an error. (136292)


Previous Versions

Version 9.1

Version 9.0.2

Version 9.0.1

Version 8.6

Version 8.4.1

Version 8.3

Version 8.2

Version 8.1

Version 8.0.3

Version 8.0.2

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