uStore – What’s New

Version 10.0.1 (5644) released May 19, 2019

Product list infinite scroll

The product list page shows all the products with an infinite scroll, loading more products as you scroll down.





Shipping tax

Calculation of the shipping tax takes into account the different tax rates of products within a shipment. This results in a lower tax in case the shipment includes tax-exempt products. Read more



Version 10.0 (5424) released March 17, 2019

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A new user experience

uStore brings a new storefront experience which follows the latest trends: it is responsive and mobile friendly, visually appealing, neat and vivid. It places a stress on design, interactivity and user experience.

uStore comes with a new theme, AquaBlue, which is modern and well-designed and contains a new homepage, new header and footer areas, a new category page and an effective navigation design.

The new storefront experience is available for stores which are assigned the new store type – uStore NG.  Read more   |   Video training


Theme Editor

Customizing the look & feel of a uStore NG store to best fit your desired branding can be achieved within seconds using the WYSIWYG Theme Editor.

The Theme Editor provides simple control over design elements such as fonts, colors and images. You can preview the changes that you make and then publish to the online store.

Further freedom of design can be achieved by editing the CSS code via the Theme Editor. In addition, the CSS uses variables which enable you, with a single change, to globally customize multiple UI elements.  Read more

Theme development

uStore NG introduces a new frontend technology which gives you the freedom to craft the shopping experience by enhancing it with new content and functionality.

Using this technology you can obtain a store’s HTML and code files, and add to them new content, behavior, features and flowsFor example, you can add marketing content to the homepage, replace the banner with a slider or add a new FAQ page. This technology is based on ReactJS, the industry-leading technology for web development.

The theme is developed on your local development environment using standard web programming tools,  without affecting the production environment. You can then easily move it to a uStore production server.  Read more

Product category images

Each product category in a uStore NG store can be assigned an image. These images are presented in the homepage and throughout the navigationRead more

Version 9.4 (4910) released July 3, 2018

Coupons per product

A coupon can be set to discount specific products in a store or an entire product group.

Read the help in   English   Deutsch   Français

Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2017

uStore 9.4 now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2017.



Version 9.3 (4818) released May 27, 2018

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliance

Additional GDPR features have been added:

  • The operator can download all data about a shopper, upon request.
  • The operator can delete all stored data related to a shopper (except for submitted orders).

Download the update from uStore Presets > XMPie Services > Check for new updates.

This feature is available with update #814 for version 9.2.

See GDPR Guidelines    |    Read the help in   English   Deutsch   Français

uEdit 9.3

uEdit has a larger document display area which facilitates the user experience.

Read the help in   English   Deutsch   Français

Version 9.2 (4651) released March 6, 2018

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliance

Stores can be set to support GDPR:

  • Shoppers have to approve that each uploaded recipient list is GDPR compliant.
  • Recipient lists are deleted after 30 days.

Download the update from uStore Presets > XMPie Services > Check for new updates.

This feature is available with update #770 for version 9.0.2 and update #790 for version 9.1, and requires uProduce GDPR patch for PersonalEffect 9.2 / 9.1 / 9.0.2 / 8.2.3.

See GDPR Guidelines    |    Read the help in English   Deutsch   Français