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Version 14 – New design of product property controls in static products

Released October 4, 2021      |      Watch a short video overview      |      See uStore release notes

NG product property controls for static products 

Product property controls of static products have been redesigned with NG. 

These controls now have an improved UX, are responsive to the user selection, and have immediate validations adjacent to the controls. These controls are available in the new singlepage mode in NG stores. 

The property controls are based on ReactJS, making the static product page fully ReactJS based. Theme development allows editing these controls.  

The following enhancements are applicable for static products set with single-page mode in NG stores. 

Automatic price calculation for static products

The price of static products is now immediately calculated, resulting in the removal of the Update Price link.  

When the shopper selects a priceable property, the price immediately updates. 
Whilst regular pricing requires that all priceable properties have a default value in order for the price to be calculated, Excel pricing enables pricing a product with partial information, when not all properties have selected values. As a result, the shopper can see the cheapest available price for the current selections. 

File attachment control redesign 

The file attachment control has been redesigned and now has an area to which files can be dragged, as well as an upload button. When files are available from a repository, the user can now search to quickly find the desired file. 

Date time picker redesign 

The date time picker control has been redesigned for a faster and more accurate selection of date and time. It is also possible to manually type the date and time.

Gallery grid and gallery list controls redesign 

The gallery grid and gallery list controls have been redesigned to include a larger image area. 
Out-of-the-box properties, such as binding and lamination, now have new and modern-looking images. 

Custom property images are now stored in a shared location, making them available for all themes.

Radio button control redesign 

Radio buttons have taken the form of buttons having text with no image. 

More redesigned controls 

Text boxes, dropdown lists and checkboxes also have a new look and feel. 
HTML generic maintains backward compatibility to ensure operability of your HTML and JavaScript code. 

Phasing out legacy stores  

With the transition to NG stores, XMPie has started phasing out legacy stores. 
Starting from this version, you can no longer create new legacy stores. Existing legacy stores will keep on working and legacy will still be supported, however, it is advisable to start migrating to NG. 

If you switch a store from legacy to NG, you will no longer be able to revert to legacy. Read more

Version 13.4  – GDPR cookie compliancy

Released May 15, 2021

Improved cookie policy (GDPR)

The cookie policy of online stores has been improved to better comply with GDPR. 
Only those cookies which are essential and must be used by the website so that it can function properly are saved. 
The cookie ribbon has been changed accordingly, and now provides a link to the updated policy. 

Version 13.2  Patch

Released March 14, 2021      |     Download from uStore Presets > XMPie Services > Check for updates

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliance

New GDPR functionality has been added:

  • Uploaded files (of both Composite products and File Attachment property) are automatically deleted and replaced with dummy files as part of the automatic deletion mechanism. Read more 
  • You can also configure proof files to be automatically deleted as part of the automatic deletion mechanism. Read more

Version 13.2  Patch

Released March 8, 2021      |     Download from uStore Presets > XMPie Services > Check for updates

Override existing value

A new “Override existing value” checkbox has been added to the “Take values from data source” input control option of dials and properties.

Selecting it instructs uStore to override the existing value of a control, set by the shopper in the storefront, to always reflect the latest database value. This can occur in any page in the store where the property/dial appears. Also, when reordering, before the order is placed in the cart, uStore will retrieve the most up-to-date dial/property value from the database. Read more 


Version 13.2 – Quick add to cart & Excel pricing enhancements

Released January 24, 2021      |      Watch a short video overview

Quick add to cart for static products

Multiple static products can now be placed in the shopping cart directly from the category, search or home page, without having to leave the current page. This makes placing a bulk order a matter of seconds.

This option is available for static products with quantity selection only (no property or shipping selections).

Read more

Upload a design for production

It is now possible to easily upload a design of a product for production. 

In this workflow, a shopper uploads a design which is based on a downloaded dieline (with a fixed size and number of pages).  A preflight check assists the shopper in submitting a correct design.  Once submitted, the uploaded design is made available to the operator and prepress workflow.

This is available for static products using the file attachment control, which is set with “Use as Production Output” option.

Read more in English  Deutsch   Français

Pricing Excel file management

Store administrators can now download a pricing Excel template and upload a pricing Excel file directly from the back office.
It is also possible to turn on Excel pricing debugging from the store setup, and download the latest debug file of each product.

Read more in English  Deutsch   Français    |      Video training

Store-level pricing Excel

A pricing Excel can now be maintained on the store level, setting prices for all products in the store in a single Excel. You can still override the store-level pricing with individual product pricing.

Read more in English  Deutsch   Français

Search page in NG

The search page has been redesigned with NG technology, allowing to control it with the theme editor and theme development in React.js

Drag & drop product group

Administrators can drag and drop a product group to easily change its location in the product group tree.

Read more in English  Deutsch   Français

Back office access behind a proxy server

In a configuration where uStore is installed on a server which is behind a proxy server, a secure friendly URL can be configured for accessing the back office.

Read more in English  Deutsch   Français

FreeFlow Core support

uStore supports the new version of Xerox FreeFlow Core – version 6.0.3

Please refer to the FreeFlow Core release notes


Version 13.1 – uStore Connect NG

Released October 12, 2020      |      Watch a short video overview

uStore Connect NG

uStore Connect is a technology which allows integrating the VDP workflow of uStore into 3rd party systems, such as e-commerce. 

uStore Connect is now available in the NG technology, including the NG look and feel, theme editing, theme development, kitting and 3D products.

Access to websites using non-www URLs

It is now possible to access a store by omitting the www prefix.  For example:

This requires that the store-friendly URL option is enabled for the store, and that is defined as the store domain.
After an upgrade this will automatically be applied to all existing stores. Read more


Version 13 – Redesign of static product & other enhancements

Released August 16, 2020      |      Watch a short video overview

Static product redesign for a better user experience

The static product is redesigned for a better, faster and visually appealing user experience.
The new design allows the shopper to complete the product ordering process on a single page that boasts a big preview, a price calculator and a prominent proof approval page. 


uStore supports’s latest API. AIM API is now obsolete and is in the process of being phased out. If you are an existing customer, you may continue using AIM, however it is recommended to switch to the new Rest API.
Read more about Authorize.Net

Downloadable kit components

It is now possible to download the component of a kit from the store’s Order Details page, provided the component was configured as a downloadable product (the “Allow Download after Purchase” option was enabled for the product).


FreeFlow Core support

uStore supports the new version of Xerox FreeFlow Core – version 5.4.4

Please refer to the FreeFlow Core release notes.


Version 12.3 – API and small enhancements

Released May 17, 2020

For details, refer to uStore’s release notes.

Version 12.2 – administrator visibility to Upload file

Released April 7, 2020

Administrator access to Composite product content

The administrator has more visibility to the content of the Upload file of a Composite product from within the Back Office:

  • The Upload file can now be downloaded in its original file format.
  • The preflight results, as seen by the shopper in the Storefront, are now also accessible to the administrator. This can help identify potential production issues in advance.

Read more

Upload file replacement in Composite product

The administrator can now completely replace an Upload file of a Composite product, after it has been ordered.

In case there is a need to modify the file, this option enables to quickly replace it, without having the customer go again through the entire process of submitting the order.

All properties and setting, as defined in the Document Builder by the customer, are maintained and applied to the replaced file.

Read more

Set new shipping price

When creating a shipment in the Back Office, it is now possible to modify the shipping price that was shown in the Storefront with the actual price. This price will also be reflected to the shopper. 

Read more



Version 12.1 – uStore NG support for B2C stores

Released January 26, 2020

B2C stores

uStore NG now supports B2C stores with anonymous shopping.

Read more

Product and category direct link

Category and product pages in uStore NG stores now have direct links.
This allows to bookmark the product and category pages, as well as to easily share them in email and social media.

In a B2C store, the link leads directly to the product/category page.
In a B2B store, if the shopper is not signed in, only after login will the shopper land on the linked page.


Support for Microsoft Edge

uStore supports the new Microsoft Edge browser (version 79) based on Chromium, for its online stores.

Version 12 – 3D product visualization

Released November 25, 2019

uC3D – 3D Product visualization

uStore brings the ability to visualize dynamic products in 3D.

A stand up pouch, a label on a bottle, a carton box and a business card with gold foiling, to name a few, can now be better perceived in 3D.

The new uC3D technology supports personalized designs, dynamically added flexible-packaging finishing, such as zipper and valve, dynamic embellishments like embossing, cutting and hole punching, selective lamination, hot foiling, holographic effects, and more. 

Video training

File attachment with PDF Preflight

uStore allows a shopper to download a dieline, design within it using Illustrator or other tools, and then upload it as a PDF.

The PDF can run through a preflight process to prevent production errors. If an error is found, a report is issued, highlighting the errors on top of the PDF.

This workflow is provided in the Customization step and in the Finalize step, by the File Attachment control.

The preflight profile can be generated using Adobe Acrobat DC or Callas pdfToolbox, and configured via FreeFlow Core.   Read more

FreeFlow Core support

uStore supports the new version of Xerox FreeFlow Core – version 5.4. 

Please refer to the FreeFlow Core release notes.



Version 11.1 released September 2, 2019

Maintenance release

Resolved kitting issues.


FreeFlow Core support

uStore supports the new version of Xerox FreeFlow Core – version 5.3.0. 

Please refer to the FreeFlow Core release notes.


Version 11 released July 31, 2019

Kit product

uStore introduces a new product type: Kit product. A Kit product is a collection of various products which are grouped together to be sold as one single offering.

A kit enables the shopper to order multiple products in one order. Using the kit, the shopper experiences a quick and efficient workflow: with a single click, the shopper can place multiple products in the shopping cart, instead of having to browse the store in search of these items. In addition, if the kit contains multiple dynamic products, customization is done once for the entire kit, and there is no need to customize each product individually.

Kits are prepared by the administrator, and the user does not need to figure out or remember which products need to be ordered. Also, the kit product is optimized for repeated orders and tracks inventory levels of the included products.

Read more   |   Video training

Version 10.1 (5838) released June 30, 2019

Watch a short video overview

Edit submitted orders

Shoppers can now edit submitted orders for which fulfillment hasn’t yet begun.
Editing an order cancels the original order, lets the customer make any necessary changes, and then resubmit the order.
Operators can also edit an order on behalf of the shopper.


Order fulfillment properties

While fulfilling an order, it is now possible to add ad-hoc production information for the ordered item, on top of the information provided by the customer via product properties.

This can be useful in the following cases:

  • You’d like to provide production instructions to the production workflow, presented in the job ticket of the order item.
  • You’d like to update an unexpected fulfillment cost for an order item, which will be available for reporting.

This can be done by adding global properties to an order item and assigning values to them.

Select products to check out

You can now select which items to check out in the shopping cart. The unchecked items remain in the cart.






Auto-generated PDF thumbnails

When creating a static product with a PDF document, thumbnails are now automatically generated from the PDF.  The first two PDF pages (or any number that you’ll set) will be automatically converted to JPG thumbnails, so you no longer need to upload them manually.


Version 10.0.1 (5644) released May 19, 2019

Product list infinite scroll

The product list page shows all the products with an infinite scroll, loading more products as you scroll down.





Shipping tax

Calculation of the shipping tax takes into account the different tax rates of products within a shipment. This results in a lower tax in case the shipment includes tax-exempt products. Read more



Version 10.0 (5424) released March 17, 2019

Watch a short video overview

A new user experience

uStore brings a new storefront experience which follows the latest trends: it is responsive and mobile friendly, visually appealing, neat and vivid. It places a stress on design, interactivity and user experience.

uStore comes with a new theme, AquaBlue, which is modern and well-designed and contains a new homepage, new header and footer areas, a new category page and an effective navigation design.

The new storefront experience is available for stores which are assigned the new store type – uStore NG.  Read more   |   Video training


Theme Editor

Customizing the look & feel of a uStore NG store to best fit your desired branding can be achieved within seconds using the WYSIWYG Theme Editor.

The Theme Editor provides simple control over design elements such as fonts, colors and images. You can preview the changes that you make and then publish to the online store.

Further freedom of design can be achieved by editing the CSS code via the Theme Editor. In addition, the CSS uses variables which enable you, with a single change, to globally customize multiple UI elements.  Read more

Theme development

uStore NG introduces a new frontend technology which gives you the freedom to craft the shopping experience by enhancing it with new content and functionality.

Using this technology you can obtain a store’s HTML and code files, and add to them new content, behavior, features and flowsFor example, you can add marketing content to the homepage, replace the banner with a slider or add a new FAQ page. This technology is based on ReactJS, the industry-leading technology for web development.

The theme is developed on your local development environment using standard web programming tools,  without affecting the production environment. You can then easily move it to a uStore production server.  Read more



Product category images

Each product category in a uStore NG store can be assigned an image. These images are presented in the homepage and throughout the navigationRead more

Version 9.4 (4910) released July 3, 2018

Coupons per product

A coupon can be set to discount specific products in a store or an entire product group.

Read the help in   English   Deutsch   Français

Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2017

uStore 9.4 now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2017.



Version 9.3 (4918) released May 27, 2018

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliance

Additional GDPR features have been added:

  • The operator can download all data about a shopper, upon request.
  • The operator can delete all stored data related to a shopper (except for submitted orders).

Download the update from uStore Presets > XMPie Services > Check for new updates.

This feature is available with update #814 for version 9.2.

See GDPR Guidelines    |    Read the help in   English   Deutsch   Français

uEdit 9.3

uEdit has a larger document display area which facilitates the user experience.

Read the help in   English   Deutsch   Français

Version 9.2 (4651) released March 6, 2018

See also uStore release notes

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliance

Stores can be set to support GDPR:

  • Shoppers have to approve that each uploaded recipient list is GDPR compliant.
  • Recipient lists are deleted after 30 days.

Download the update from uStore Presets > XMPie Services > Check for new updates.

This feature is available with update #770 for version 9.0.2 and update #790 for version 9.1, and requires uProduce GDPR patch for PersonalEffect 9.2 / 9.1 / 9.0.2 / 8.2.3.

See GDPR Guidelines    |    Read the help in English   Deutsch   Français