XMPie Adds A Personal Touch to Xerox’s Project: Set the Page FreeRESOURCES

XMPie Adds A Personal Touch to Xerox’s Project: Set the Page Free


Recently, Xerox teamed up with the 92nd Street Y to unveil Project: SET THE PAGE FREE – a collaborative e-book project that unites 14 world-famous writers and creative minds.  Signing up to download the book triggers an invitation to receive a customized dedication for each e-book, powered by XMPie’s personalization software.


Speaking of Work: A Story of Love, Suspense and Paperclips


In the book, writers including Lee Child, Jonathan Safran Foer, Aimee Mann and Joyce Carol Oates, tell the multi-lensed, multi-faceted and ever-surprising story of the modern workplace.


An executive reflects on working in a private versus open office environment.


A young man describes his initiation into the white-collar world of advertising.


A pickpocket arbitrates a sidewalk dispute between corporate bean-counters.


These are just a few of the stories in this one-of-a-kind literary work.


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Powering Personalization


We were thrilled to be a part of this project, helping to bring personalized elements to the final product as well as powering on-demand creation and download of the eBook. Below we’ll walk through the specific aspects of the project we contributed to.


Dedication form


When you go to the website and fill out the form with your name (or the name of someone else you’d like to dedicate the book to), you will receive a personalized copy of the eBook. Your name will appear on a dedication page with a unique XMPie uImage and image font made of paperclips that reflects the style and design of the book’s cover.


Dedication Page


This XMPie uImage and image font was also used on special bookmarks that were personalized for the attendees of the launch event hosted by Xerox in October.


Books On-Demand

XMPie technology is also powering the book’s on-demand creation and download. The SetThePageFree.com website interacts with an XMPie web service that uses our API to trigger a personalized email with links to four options to download the book. You are given a choice of mobi, ePub or PDF formats or a .zip file with all three formats. Once selected, your copy of the book is composed and rendered into the desired digital format on-demand.


If you haven’t yet, check out the site to get your personalized copy today! You can also get exclusive access to photos, videos, book excerpts and podcasts from the authors as well as additional information about the Xerox technology and other software and apps that made the book possible.


Featured Photo: Critically acclaimed novelist and contributor to Project: SET THE PAGE FREE: Gary Shteyngart