XMPie and Adobe. The Perfect Combination.RESOURCES

XMPie and Adobe. The Perfect Combination.

Some things just go together. Peanut butter and jam, fish and chips, and XMPie and Adobe. The XMPie Platform natively supports the Adobe workflow across all its design applications and it’s a winning combination.


Gone are the days when organizations could be satisfied with delivering identikit transactional documents and treating their interactions with customers, employees, and other stakeholders as simply a means to an end.

In today’s market, every point on the customer journey must go beyond functional. Every email, print piece or video should be exquisitely tailored and relevant, wherever the recipient is in their customer journey. It needs to be eye-catching, provoke a response, foster brand trust, and grow customer lifetime value.

The XMPie Platform is designed to help enterprises put the customer first by managing hyper-personalized customer journeys across print and digital media. Powered by intelligent data and driven by business logic in real-time, you can transform your CX Journeys from one-way operational necessities to fully interactive omnichannel conversations.


Personalization + End-to-End Adobe Workflow

Offering unparalleled personalization capabilities combined with its end-to-end Adobe workflow, XMPie takes the relationship between customer and content to the next level. Our technology provides complete brand protection and supports the original creative concept; the only restraint is the limits of your designer’s imagination, not the limitation of your software.


What starts in Adobe, stays in Adobe

For Print, XMPie supports the complete Adobe InDesign workflow from set-up through preview and composition. With faster on-boarding of templates and fewer steps in the design workflow, XMPie offers full graphics support and color management (where others are limited) so that brands can protect their graphic identity for every touchpoint. And by harnessing Adobe’s technology as part of the composition process, XMPie retains the quality of the design into the variable data print stream as if you were printing each document manually straight from the Adobe application.


Every Channel. Go Beyond Print.

We love print, and our personalization engine has been the leader in the print industry for over 20 years. But today our personalization capabilities reach every channel, including email, websites, SMS, social media, and even video. Because your customer isn’t interested in channels or devices, and they don’t want to jump through hoops. They expect an effortless and seamless interaction when they connect with your business on any device. And with XMPie, even though you might deliver your omnichannel campaign on a massive scale to thousands or even millions of recipients, each customer will feel valued as if they were the single recipient of the campaign.


Integrate with Third-Party System

The XMPie Platform is extendable and can be customized to any environment or need. That’s why you can achieve synergy across all lines of business, no matter what systems are already in place. By integrating XMPie with your existing CRM, ERP, eCommerce, eProcurement, Print MIS, Social Channels, or almost any of your other third-party systems, your customer knows that you appreciate them throughout their entire CX Journey. Your CCM system can be more than a mere operating expense. Put your customer first by choosing XMPie as your technology partner.


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