XMPie Email Service

The XMPie Email Service (XES) is an integrated and straightforward approach to sending personalized, dynamic and content-rich email, complete with real-time tracking and analytics. Because XMPie is a single solution across every channel, the same data, business rules and logic used to automate the print, Web and SMS messages are used to deliver personalized email messages to those same recipients.

To ensure maximum scalability, resilience, and deliverability of our email service, we have integrated XES with Amazon’s Simple Email Service as our email service provider. The operation of the XES will be the same as previous versions, with tight integration into XMPie PersonalEffect and Circle for sending. This approach will provide our customers with a strong platform upon which to develop their dynamic email content.

By using XES to send personalized emails there is no comprise on design or complexity. XES fully supports XMPie’s OpenXM architecture. This means that emails have access to all the same campaign logic and data as print and other digital channels, and because emails are composed using standard HTML/CSS combined with OpenXM any content can be made personalized, dynamic or variable. Complete sections of the content can be made visible based on the recipient. Each and every piece of content can be made personal or dynamic based on the recipient. XES supports it all, and allows you to send either one email or over a million emails in any single hour.



Where can I find more information about the pricing and subscription plans?

You can find information about our XES subscription plans below.

How many emails are included in the plans?

Each available plan has its own amount of inclusive emails. These range from 15 thousand emails a year to more than 30 million emails a year. The amount of inclusive emails is valid for 12 months, from the start date of the plan and are not carried over into subsequent years.

What happens if I use or need extra emails?

Each plan has an ‘Additional Email Cost’ which is the cost of 1,000 additional emails over and above the inclusive emails in the plan. These range from $10 per thousand to $2.20 per thousand.

Do you offer custom plans?

Yes, but only to customers who are sending over 30 million email a year. Please see our Diamond Plan and contact your sales representative for more information.

What’s the setup fee?

We do not charge a setup fee, nor do we charge a monthly or membership fee – we only charge for the email credits ordered and any overage that is used (in addition to any extra features that you may have).

Do you offer a free or low-volume plan?

Yes, our BASIC plan (not shown in the pricing table) is offered free for the first year and is there to specifically help our new customers get started with personalized email marketing. The Basic plan is ONLY available to new customers with an XMPie Cross Media configuration (PersonalEffect TransMedia,  PersonalEffect TransMedia Pro or Enterprise Cross Media), and have not subscribed to an XES plan previously. The Basic plan contains 50,000 email credits, lasts for 12 months from the subscription date and cannot be renewed.

For customers that have a PersonalEffect eMedia Cloud configuration the STARTER subscription is included for as long as the customer continues to pay for the eMedia configuration.

For customers that not eligible for the Basic plan, XMPie offers a LITE plan which is ideal for customers looking to get started with XES and to test the service. The Lite Plan gives customers 15,000 emails over a 12 month period.

Can I purchase a plan and split that volume across multiple clients?

Yes, you can. We appreciate that as a potential service provider you may want to service many clients with email marketing services, and we support this.

How do I sign-up and manage my account?

Click here to sign up. Your activity and plans can be managed via our XES portal.



Billed Annually
$ 40 Per Month
  • 15,000 emails per year
  • Low cost, fully personalized email delivery and tracking
  • Use email volume when needed - no monthly cap
Entry Level


Billed Annually
$ 125 Per Month
  • 200,000 emails per year
  • Perfect to start driving volume
  • Use email volume when needed - no monthly cap


Billed Annually
$ 375 Per Month
  • 1 million emails per year
  • Best value
  • Use email volume when needed - no monthly cap
Best Value


Billed Annually
$ 1500 Per Month
  • 5 million emails per year
  • Scale up email
  • Use email volume when needed - no monthly cap


Billed Annually
$ 2000 Per Month
  • 10 million emails per year
  • Enterprise email delivery
  • Use email volume when needed - no monthly cap


Billed Annually
$ Contact Us

  • 30 million plus
    emails per year
  • Enterprise email delivery
  • Use email volume when needed - no monthly cap


I’ve seen references to a SAP Package before, is this still available?

What was known as the SAP Package has now been split into two distinct offerings:

  • Advanced Sender Package
  • Dedicated IP

What is the Advanced Sender Package?

The Advanced Sender Package is an additional set of options that can be added to an XES account. The package includes:

  • In addition to the standard DKIM authentication, we also supply SPF and DMARC Authentication to further improve deliverability.
  • Additional branding options for branding embedded links that are the same as your domain.
  • Domain setup services, including the registration and handling of DNS entries.

There is an annual cost, per domain, for the Advanced Sender Package.

Is the option of having a Dedicated IP Address available?

With our new service, the deliverability rates are higher than before, and in some cases, a dedicated or private IP is not needed. However, for those that do require a dedicated IP there is an additional cost, per domain for a dedicated IP.  Included in this service is the ability to automatically warm up the IP for use. To be a good candidate for dedicated IPs, we typically recommend a sustained and consistent sending pattern and a minimum daily sending volume of 175,000 emails per day (on average).

Can I get additional accounts to protect my email sender reputation?

Yes, you can. Additional accounts can be purchased from the XES team. There’s a cost for each domain and we can help and support the setup process. Each account acts to protect one account reputation from another. You can have as many additional accounts as you like and you can use your inclusive emails across all of the plans.

What is DKIM authentication?

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is an email authentication method designed to protect against email spoofing. It allows the recipient to check that the domain from which the email was sent has been authorized to do so. DKIM authentication is included in all of our new packages as standard.

Can I enable SPF on my domains?

An SPF record is a type of Domain Name Service (DNS) record that identifies which mail servers are permitted to send email on behalf of your domain. The purpose of an SPF record is to prevent spammers from sending messages with forged From addresses at your domain. We have included SPF enablement in our Advanced Sender Package.

Can I enable DMARC on my domains?

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is an additional tier of authentication, in additional to DKIM and SPF which ensures that email is properly authenticated and comes from a domain under the organization’s control. We have included DMARC enablement in our Advanced Sender Package.


What is email address verification?

As part of our standard XMPie Email Service all email addresses that are being used to send emails from, first need to be verified. This verification process is mandatory and allows us to achieve higher levels of reputation and deliverability across our service, by ensuring that every email sent has come from an authenticated sender.

During the verification process, an email is sent to the user and contains a link that needs to be clicked within 24 hours before the process is completed.

How do I send personalized email using XES?

Personalized and dynamic email can be sent by setting up email touch points inside Circle or uProduce, so you will need a Cross Media enabled uProduce server to send emails.

Can I send individual and bulk emails?

Yes, you can. Emails can be ‘triggered’ and sent to an individual recipient in response to a particular interaction or event (such as clicking on a link). Bulk emails can also be sent, to an entire recipient list, or a subset of that list, depending on some criteria (such as sending an email to only the non-responders).

Can I send transactional as well as marketing emails?

Yes, you can. Each email touch point or configuration can be specified as a marketing email, or as a transactional email.

How does XES compare to other email service providers?

XES is built and maintained inside XMPie, which allows us to maximize the integration of email with a cross-media campaign. Every email sender account is verified before use and DKIM authentication is included as standard allowing you to achieve high levels of deliverability. As each email has access to all the same campaign logic and data as the other touch points the possibilities of personalization are endless. Whether you are creating a simple personalized email or creating a truly dynamic and personalized piece of content you can be assured of synergy between the other touch points in a campaign, including print.

How are opt-outs and SPAM handled?

XES handles all the opt-outs for you as part of the service. XMPie Email Service expertly avoids spam filters, blacklists, and other delivery barriers, ensuring messages reach the intended recipient.

How are SPAM reports handled?

The XES service is constantly monitored and if any of your accounts are flagged as having a significant level of SPAM reports that account will be put on probation and we will work with you to identify and hopefully rectify the issue. More information can be found in the XES terms and conditions. If there are repeated periods of probation or excessive levels of SPAM reporting then that account may well be suspended from sending emails.

What is ‘Email Reputation’ and why is it important?

Think of an account’s email reputation as a credit score in that it indicates how trustworthy you are at adhering to good email practices. The number of bounced emails, complaints and spam hits can reduce an account’s reputation. The lower your email reputation the more likely that the email will end up in a recipient’s spam folder, or be blocked from arriving at all. Therefore, it is vital that you establish and protect your account’s reputation. This can be achieved by adhering to the standards set out and by providing additional levels of authentication (such as DKIM, SPF and DMARC authentication). It is also important that you do not send unsolicited emails to recipients (that could be flagged as spam).

If you are sending emails on behalf of clients then it may also be worthwhile to have multiple accounts – so that if one account’s reputation falls, it will not affect the others.

If you have more questions, please contact Product Marketing: productmarketing@xmpie.com.